Polamalu Should Be Held Out At Least 2 More Weeks

The game against the Kansas City Chiefs keeps playing over and over in my head since it happened. While no team is awarded a win for just showing up, that game was certainly one that had a W penciled in next to it. That one game now has the Steelers on the outside looking in at a Wild Card spot, with 5 games left and the teams best defensive player in strong safety Troy Polamalu on the sideline. Was Polamalu rushed back too soon last time? We will likely never know that answer, but one thing is for sure, he should not be rushed back this time.

While every game is almost must win from here on out, if a Steelers team minus Polamalu can not beat the Raiders and Browns over the next 2 weeks, we don\’t belong in the playoffs. Then again, we couldn\’t beat the Chiefs. That being said, the defense is obviously better when he is on the field. The games against the Packers and Ravens is when we truly need a healthy Troy. There is absolutely no reason to have him on the field until either of those games. I think the entire Steelers organization knows this as well. Here is to unleashing some hell over the next few weeks, without having to unleash the Tasmanian Devil in the process.

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