Hood & Hoke Get Assist On Carter Pick 6

Free safety Tyrone Carter gets all of the press and glory for the interception return for a touchdown against the Denver Broncos on Monday night, but without the effort of rookie defensive end Ziggy Hood and nose tackle Chris Hoke, it likely would not of happened.

Hood had a tremendous bull rush on right tackle Tyler Polumbus on the play and pressures quarterback Kyle Orton to throw a bit before he is ready to. Hoke on the other hand starts to rush and then drops into coverage on running back Correll Buckhalter Knowshon Moreno and knocks him off of his route within 5 yards.

This play was a huge moment in the game as the Steelers offense had yet to find their rhythm. Both Hood and Hoke are reserves right now, but are playing like starters. This gives great comfort going into the second half of the season as the defense seems to be hitting it\’s stride just at the right time.

Below is an animated gif I did of the play.


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