Colts & Patriots Are Steelers Best Friends Going Forward

The loss to the Chiefs put a damper on the Steelers chances of winning the division. The Raiders helped with beating the Bengals later in the day, but the Steelers remain 2 full games out with 6 remaining. At this point the Steelers are looking to make the playoffs as a Wild Card. Besides the point that they for the most part control their own destiny if they win out, they have allies in the form of the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots.

The Colts have games left with Houston, Denver and Jacksonville, while the Patriots have Miami, Jacksonville and Houston left to play. The Steelers have 2 crucial games with Baltimore left and Miami as well. At worst the Steelers really can only afford to lose 1 more game going forward and at worst can split with the Ravens if they win the other 4 games against Oakland, Cleveland, Green Bay and Miami.

The best case scenario is to win out and they should be assured 1 of the 2 Wild Card spots. Should they lose once, they should get the needed help from the Colts and Patriots, but if they lose twice, they will need quite a bit of help, especially if 2 of those losses come at the hands of the Ravens.

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