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Audio from Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Denver Broncos Post Game Press Conference

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin post game press conference following the 2009, week 9 win against the Denver Broncos on Monday November 9th, 2009. Transcript to follow.

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Mike Tomlin: “It was a pretty big win for us tonight. If we want to be a good team, a team that’s championship caliber, we have to be able to go on the road and beat good people, and this Bronco team is a good team. We hadn’t done that to this point this year, so we’re pretty pleased. We’re going to keep it grounded. We have a big AFC North game waiting on the other side for us back in Pittsburgh next week (vs. Cincinnati) but a big congratulations to all parties involved. We had a bunch of top quality contributions from a lot of people. It was a good team victory for us tonight in a hostile environment. Hats off to the Broncos. They are a quality team, they play hard and they are well coached.”

Question: On the difference in the pass rush tonight
Mike Tomlin: “We’re a developing team. Hopefully we’re better in all areas then we were in week two of the season. I’m not going to make too much out of that. That’s why we come to work during the week. We have to continue to be a team on the rise. I know there are teams that we are competing against that are doing that. That’s what November is about. We are pushing to the latter part of the season. It’s about getting better.”

Question: On S Tyrone Carter stepping up
Mike Tomlin: “Ty is a veteran player. He did a really nice job. He was in the right place at the right time. Usually when plays like that occur it’s a product of a lot of people’s work but he was opportunistic.”

Question: On S Ryan Clark not playing
Mike Tomlin: “Even though he received medical clearance, we thought it was prudent that he not play. Some things are more important than football. Not only from his health standpoint but had he played this football game, his teammates would have been concerned about him. I would have been concerned about him. It would have been tough to stay focused on what we came to do so we made the decision not to play him. We don’t look back at that. Injury is a part of it, illness, etcetera. [DE] Nick Eason stepped up for us tonight and played good ball.[LB] Keyaron Fox stepped up and played good ball for us tonight. That’s what it’s all about. We’re a team. You’re going to have injuries; you’re going to have people that miss games. We’re not going to use that as an excuse.”

Question: On altitude
Mike Tomlin: “We did a nice job of getting off the field in the second half of the game defensively – three and outs. They didn’t put together drives on us. So I think that protected us. On offense we moved the ball and converted some third downs in the second half. The way the game unfolded from that standpoint protected us in terms of the altitude and fatigue. You feel it defensively, I think, more so than offensively. We didn’t allow many snaps in the second half because we were working both sides of the ball. ”

Question: On RB Rashard Mendenhall and the running game
Mike Tomlin: “It [the offensive line] did a nice job and the Broncos have great defense. They’re first in the league in defense. They expected that we would be prepared tonight and their play tonight kind of mirrors that preparation.”

Question: On the Steelers defense
Mike Tomlin: “We have guys that are designed to be great. They play hard every time they come out regardless of their opponent or story line if you will. Those guys are committed to being great every time they step in the stadium.”

Question: On injuries
Mike Tomlin: “[FB] Carey Davis looks like he has a hamstring injury. We’ll have some more information on that. All of the other things seem to be minor.”

Question: On changes in the Steelers offense in the second half
Mike Tomlin: “We just kept pounding. Good defense, part of that is they were driving the ball on us offensively. We had an interception returned for a touchdown so our defense went back on the field. Part of that is we just didn’t possess the ball. But you’ve got to give the Broncos credit, they came out smoking.”

Question: On shutting down the Broncos running game
Mike Tomlin: “It was important to shut it down. They have a monster back there at tailback. [Correll] Buckhalter and [Knowshon] Moreno, they do a nice job. We had an extra week’s work to prepare for them. We respect those guys. The guys [Steelers players] did a nice job. We had to. We couldn’t afford to die on the line out here in Denver and get fatigued. It was important that we kept ourselves out of that situation. We only dressed five defensive lineman and the guys did a nice job.”

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