2009 AFC Playoff Picture – Wild Card Standings

The AFC Playoff picture got a bit tighter this weekend as Houston, Miami, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh all lost, while Denver, Baltimore, New York and Tennessee won. Below is a look at 6 teams that have the best shots at the 2 Wild Card spots with 5 weeks to go. Only Cleveland has been officially eliminated from playoff contention at this point and Indianapolis is the only team to clinch so far, so keep that in mind.

AFC Standings
1 Indianapolis 11-0
2 Cincinnati 8-3
3 San Diego 8-3
4 New England 7-3
5 Denver 7-4
6 Jacksonville 6-5
Still alive
7 Baltimore 6-5
8 Pittsburgh 6-5
9 Miami 5-6
10 N.Y. Jets 5-6
11 Tennessee 5-6
12 Houston 5-6
13 Buffalo 4-7
14 Kansas City 3-8
15 Oakland 3-8
16 Cleveland 1-10

Broncos (7-4)

The Broncos still control their own destiny and the much needed win versus the Giants and losses by the Jaguars, Dolphins, Texans and Steelers has nearly locked up one Wild Card spot. Realistically they can still lose to the Colts and Eagles if they beat the Chiefs twice and the Raiders once more.

Jaguars (6-5)

The Jaguars have a very tough December schedule and while they currently hold the last Wild Card spot, they realistically can only afford 1 more loss. Next week versus the Texans looms large. Colts and Patriots may be too much for them.

Ravens (6-5)

The win Sunday night versus the Steelers along with losses by the Texans, Jaguars and Dolphins have vaulted the Ravens just outside the Wild Card door. Running the table should get them in with only the Packers and Steelers considered threats on the schedule.

Steelers (6-5)

Despite a loss on Sunday night, the Steelers got great news earlier in the day as the Texans, Jaguars and Dolphins all lost. They can lose one more game as long it is not to Baltimore and still get in as the last Wild Card. If they run the table, their chances are very good. Two losses and they are all but done. Packers and Ravens games loom large, but both are at home.

Dolphins (5-6)

The loss to the Bills on Sunday has the Dolphins needing to win out and get lots of help. Their schedule is brutal and it would take a miracle for them to get a Wild Card spot.

Texans (5-6)

Two losses in a row have all but eliminated the Texans now. One more loss should do it as they need to win out and need tons of help. Next game with Jaguars will put one of them on life support.

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