How Sweed It Isn\’t

Well, the attempt of Master Tomlin to get through to Jedi Limas Sweed seems to have failed. It has worked well with Jedi Rashard Mendenhall up to this point. Tomlin attempted to get Sweed involved early in the game with a high percentage pass and while not a perfect one, it was one Sweed should have made. Sweed was not involved anymore in the game plan and spent most of his time on the sideline. Whatever confidence he had going into the Lions game is now gone.

It is unclear how Tomlin will handle this going forward, but right now Sweed is a liability and not an asset to the team. While the 4th wide receiver does not play a huge role in the Steelers offense, unless they are behind, it is important that your 4th receiver be one that can step into the game on a moments notice due to injury. Right now, I would rather have veteran Shaun McDonald be that guy. McDonald\’s best games are behind him and he will not get the separation that a young player like Sweed might get, but he can catch the ball. If no injuries occur, Sweed should be sidelined until next season and then given a chance to compete all over again for a roster spot. Right now his biggest problem is between his ears and problems like that are not fixed with being inactive for just one game.

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