Another Shot For Limas Sweed, McDonald To Sit Sunday

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been busy sending messages to his second year 2008 draft picks the last few weeks. It started with running back Rashard Mendenhall, who was held to only special teams work after against Cincinnati, after a bad week of preparations during the week leading up to the game. Mendenhall responded with a great game against the San Diego Chargers in place of the injured Willie Parker. Now it will be wide receiver Limas Sweed who gets a chance to redeem himself. Sweed, who dropped a sure touchdown catch against the Bengals, was inactive last Sunday to clear his head a little. Many speculated that Sweed would ride the inactive list for a while, but Tomlin has decided to let Sweed back on the game day active list Sunday versus Detroit. Veteran wide receiver Shaun McDonald will be inactive this week and Sweed will assume the number 4 receiver spot. Expect Sweed to purposely get some designed plays to both bolster his confidence and to make some atonements for his drop.

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