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Steelers Six From Around The Web – Monday September 14th

Dale Lolley explains why the no huddle may be seen a ton this year, especially if the Steelers are behind or are having problems moving the football. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will still try to run the football every now and again, but the Steelers have clearly moved to a passing focused offense.

Reserve linebacker Arnold Harrison recorded three tackles on special teams Thursday night and is tied with Ryan Mundy for the team lead in the category. Scott Brown reports how Harrison continues to defy odds after two knee surgeries.

Despite having a decade winning percentage of .655, the Steelers coaches and scouting staff hasn\’t gone through a turnover. Scott Brown breaks it down further.

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Despite being signed by the Carolina Panthers off of waivers, defensive end Ra\’shon Harris was inactive on Sunday versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mark Madden thinks defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau will make the adjustments needed for the extended absence of safety Troy Polamalu. The defense will likely not be as flexible on free lancing play, but should be more than adequete if everyone handles their own role. On the flip side, Titan\’s quarterback Kerry Collins had a passer rating of 53.7 before Polamalu was hurt. It was 110.2 after he left the game.

Chuck Finder has a story on Tyrone Carter who will be looked upon to fill the shoes of Troy Polamalu at strong safety.

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