Proof That Hit On Scaife By Harrison Not Dirty

Tennessee Titans tight end Bo Scaife suffered a left knee injury in the third quarter of Thursday night\’s season opener against the Steelers. After the game Scaife accused Steelers linebacker James Harrison of a cheap shot to his leg. Here is the quote: “He dove at my leg. It was a cheap shot, I have been playing my whole life and no one has ever hit me like that. So I know when it is real and when it is not real. So it was a cheap shot and I don\’t care if that gets back to him either.”

OK Bo, let us look at the pictures.

Harrison hit on Scaife 1

In this photo, Scaife catches the ball at the Steelers 40 and a half yard line. Meanwhile Harrison is at the Steelers 39 yard line at full speed, merely 1 and a half yards away. Scaife is clearly facing the Titans endzone.

Harrison hit on Scaife 2

In the next frame, Scaife turns into the tackle. Harrison has left his feet, arms extended and head aimed at the left thigh of Scaife, not the knee. Not even a full second has ticked off the clock since the back of Scaife was turned towards Harrison.

Harrison hit on Scaife 3

Scaife continues to turn into the tackle and plants his left foot in the turf. Harrison continues through the tackle as only 1 second has elapsed off the clock.

Harrison hit on Scaife 4

Harrison is now on the ground, below the knee of Scaife. The left leg of Scaife is still planted in the turf and he is falling forward. By falling forward with his foot in the turf, this my friends is where he hurt his knee. Still only 1 plus seconds have ticked off the clock.

Harrison hit on Scaife 5

Harrison is still on the ground with a hold on the left leg. Scaife still has left foot planted firmly in the turf and he continues falling forward. Still two full seconds have not clicked off the clock.

Harrison hit on Scaife 6

Here is another angle of where you can clearly see just how high up Harrison hit scaife on initial contact. If this hit is dirty, then so is every other tackle made in every game. The defense rest. Who am I kidding, our defense never rest. GO STEELERS!

It is obvious that Bo Scaife does not know what a clean, text book tackle is. The law of physics and how to protect one\’s self from serious injury. Scaife should apologize for his comments. He should also fit himself with sturdier dresses and find a professional flag football league to play in. The is the NFL, you have been allowed to tackle like this for ages.

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