Chargers 3-4 Defense Just What The Doctor Ordered

Sunday night will mark the first team the Steelers face this season that plays a 3-4 defense. In 2008 the Steelers went 9-0 against teams that played the 3-4 front. This also included playoffs. Over those 9 games the Steelers averaged 113.89 rushing yards per game and 215.11 passing yards per game. Even throwing out the two games last year versus Cleveland, they averaged 104.57 yards rushing per game and 223.43 yards passing. After Sunday, the Steelers have 8 more games against teams that run the 3-4. This includes Cleveland twice and Baltimore twice.

The Chargers defense has allowed an average of 142.3 yards per game game rushing and 179.7 yards per game passing thus far in 2009. Expect the Steelers to try to run first against them to set up the pass. If they can run early and stick with it, things are looking good from this vantage point.

2008 3-4 Defense Opponents Stats

Team Rush Yds Pass Yds
Cleveland 117 179
Baltimore 69 191
San Diego 124 308
New England 161 179
Dallas 70 204
Baltimore 91 246
Cleveland 176 193
San Diego 165 181
Baltimore 52 255
Total 1025 1936
Average 113.89 215.11
Avg w/o CLE 104.57 223.43

2009 3-4 Defense Opponents

Date Opponent
4-Oct San Diego
18-Oct Cleveland
22-Nov @ Kansas City
29-Nov @Baltimore
10-Dec @Cleveland
20-Dec Green Bay
27-Dec Baltimore
3-Jan @Miami
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