All About The W\’s & The L\’s

I, like the rest of Steeler Nation am in mourning still after the loss to the Bengals. I have read many a blog post and forum postings over the last several hours and fingers are pointed in every direction. The Steelers very easily could be 3-0 at this point and just as easily 0-3. Regardless, the performance in the first 3 games would have the Steeler Nation up in arms no matter if they were 3-0. The difference of course is that 3-0 means you won all three games.

We are what we are at this point and that is 1-2 with several things that need to be fixed to get more W\’s than L\’s. Little things, but the type of things that gives a team a W in close games. Are the Steelers the worst team in the league? Absolutely not! Are they the best? Absolutely not! Are they a team that can still make the playoffs? Sure they are!

The two L\’s are harder to digest, because they truly were winnable games, we just are not use to losing those type games. Sure the injury to Troy Polomalu is a tough one to swallow, but even after the loss in Cincy, the Steelers are one of the healthiest teams in league. One player can make a huge difference for sure, but it is not the sole reason for having 2 L\’s.

Going forward, remember that a W is a W no matter how you get it. You think Bungles fans are pointing many fingers this morning? Sure, I know some will regardless, but they are happy with the win. The Steelers will likely not win many by blowout this year, but they will win more games. It doesn\’t matter how you get the W, it is the fact that we have enough W\’s to make the playoffs and another Super Bowl run. I personally think there will be plenty of more W\’s in the 2009 season, enough to outweigh the few L\’s and make the playoffs. And in the NFL, that is what it all boils down to, the W\’s and the L\’s.

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