7 Things To Look For Sunday Versus Cincinnati

Below are seven matchups or things to look for on Sunday as the Steelers travel to Cincinnati to face the Bengals.

Chris Henry vs Steelers Secondary – Although he only has 2 catches for 23 yards in 2009, Henry has had some good production against the Steelers. If the Steelers get defensive backs get sucked in on the running game, Henry can hurt over the top. Henry has been battling a quad injury, but is still dangerous deep.

Ochocinco vs Ike Taylor – Somebody will be kissing somebody\’s baby for sure after this one. Face Me Ike has done well in the past versus Ochocinco. Ike needs to make the mouth of the Bengals earn everything he gets and pay for every one of them.

Max Starks vs Antwan Odom – Odom leads the league in sacks. Starks has held his own thus far in 2009 and Sunday will be a good measuring stick. Odom got 5 of his 7 against a banged up Packers line. He needs to be shutout this week.

Cedric Benson vs Steelers Front Seven – The Steelers front seven has been great thus far against Chris Johnson and Matt Forte. Benson is more of a one trick runner between the tackles. The Bengals are 4-0 when Benson hits 100 yards, so he must be contained.

Heath Miller vs Bengals Coverage – Miller has always caused problems for the Bengals. They will likely have to use a safety to account for him as any Bengals linebacker is a mismatch. Miller could have 100 yards on Sunday regardless of the coverage.

3.1 – Much better than last weeks 1.6, but still ranks tied for 27th in the league in average yards per carry. A good 150 yards rushing on Sunday by the Steelers ought to get the win.

Finish Drives – In the second half against the Bears, the Steelers started falling back into the habit of not being able to finish drives. 7 is always better than 3, especially when at this point we do not know if the 3 is a sure thing.

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