Was Frank Summers Just All Fan Hype?

I admit, I love rooting for the late round draft picks, who doesn\’t? Steeler Nation is notorious for it. The two most talked about 2009 draft picks by Steeler fans have been Frank Summers and A.Q. Shipley. Steelers fans have visions of Jerome Bettis or Chris Fuamatu-Ma\’afala running through their heads when they think about the Tank. The only problem is, it seems the Steeler coaching staff see something different. Summers has been shifted to the fullback position in an already crowded backfield and is now suffering from a hamstring injury and body tightness. Not what you want to happen if you are a fifth round pick trying to make a NFL roster. At this point late in August, it seems the Tank is destined for the practice squad and that will surely have half of Steeler Nation mad as hell. The practice squad is likely right where Summers belongs though. It will give him time to get better conditioned and learn the game. He will be one injury away from being activated and then might be given another live look if active on Sundays. Summers is what he is, a small school over-sized running back that may have more long term value at fullback than anything else. Those type late draft picks are a dime a dozen though. To make a defending Super Bowl champ roster as a rookie, you need to be healthy and you need to be turning heads every practice. Two things Summers has not been able to do. Do not give up on Tank just yet, but all of the hype needs to stop right now.

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