Stefan Logan Ain\’t Going Back To The CFL

After the return performance CFL free agent return man Stefan Logan put on Saturday night versus the Washington Redskins, he is no longer a secret to the rest of the NFL. Sure Logan is pretty much one dimensional from a special teams point and would likely only see time at wide receiver or running back in an emergency situation, but he is much better being the 53rd man on the roster instead of someone else\’s.

Several teams have questions marks in their return game, most notable the Tennessee Titans, who the Steelers open the season against. The Titans lost Chris Carr via free agency in the off-season and have been having problems finding a replacement. The Titans signed veteran Mark Jones, but he has yet to see playing time because of a hamstring injury and even if healthy, does not have the explosiveness and vision of Logan. Even if the Titans miss on Logan, he will likely not clear waivers, that you can be certain of. The Steelers desperately need improvement in the return game and now that Logan has shown his abilities live, the Steelers are almost forced to keep him.

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Offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, would be smart to include Logan in a handful of plays as well, even if it means the dreaded Wildcat. Logan is the Pittsburgh version of Chargers running back Darren Sproles and dangerous with the ball in the open field. If Logan is on the 53 man roster, you need to try to get as much out of him as you can.

Kirby Wilson, the Steelers running back coach, was right when he told the B.C. Lions they would likely never see Logan again. If Logan is part of the Steelers final roster cuts, he still will find a home in the NFL, not the CFL.

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