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Steelers Six From Around The Web – Thursday June 25th

Former Steeler running back Jerome Bettis has begun a summer sports camp for asthmatic children. The camp will be on July 7th and 8th at Duquesne University and is free. did a segment on which teams get the most bang for their buck. Not surprisingly, the Steelers rank in the top five of the league.

Jennifer Allen has a great story on how former head coach, Chuck Noll and the old Steel Curtain had an influence on Tony Dungy. Well worth the read. AFC North blogger James Walker, thinks it is a race between safety Ryan Clark and tight end Heath Miller on which one is locked up next by the Steelers. Our money is on Miller. has posted part 2 of the ask A.Q. Shipley, Q & A.

Heinz Field is hosting a free July 4th celebration that is headlined by fireworks and the band, Bad Company. Steely McBeam will also be there.

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