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Mark Madden’s feud with…everyone

Mark Madden certainly does his job well, whether you like him or not. He’s a talking head that sprouted from the world of talk radio, and you and I both know that to make money, you have to make heads turn. Madden has done a good job of that over the years, whether you like him or not. This past week’s headlines certainly will do nothing but help his cause.

A year and a half ago, Mark Madden was dismissed from his job on WTAE’s ‘Action Sports Sunday.’ The official word given was that Madden had used the term ‘jackass,’ and it offended the Steelers to the point that they threatened to disallow Steelers to come onto their program. Madden, known for his feuds with high-ranking sports’ personalities, had recently taken aim at Hines Ward. There was speculation, especially from Madden, that Ward was at the center of his dismissal.

Ward recently appeared on Bob Costas’ HBO show Costas Now, and made comments about sports talk show hosts being negative. Ward made reference to Mark Madden’s show in particular, talking about not wanting to associate himself with that (negativity).

The Post-Gazette’s Bob Smizek, embroiled in his own feud with Madden followed up with commentary of his own on the subject.

Madden, not to be left out of the equation, followed up with commentary of his own, in a letter to the Post-Gazette’s editors.

Ah, the media becoming a story…you have to love the NFL offseason, don’t you?

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