2008 Draft

Pittsburgh Steelers 2008 draft grade

After a stellar day one that saw the Steelers draft two players they never thought they would have a shot at in the form of running back Rashard Mendenhall and wide receiver Limas Sweed, the Steelers had a less than stellar day two. UCLA product Bruce Davis will be another tweener that will probably be used as an outside linebacker as the Steelers look to eventually migrate into a hybrid Tampa two defense. Texas tackle Tony Hills did fit a need of sorts on the offensive line, bur surely will need a year to learn and season properly. Quarterback Dennis Dixon, linebacker Mike Humpal and safety Ryan Mundy all will likely battle just to make a roster spot. Dixon has an outside chance of being the third quarterback while Humpal and Mundy are already bubble type players. Offensive line and defensive line were barely addressed in this draft and could be a thorn in the Steelers side going into next season. I highly expect several undrafted free agent guards and a center to be signed after the draft. Although the first two rounds were sexy type picks, I have to grade the overall draft as a B minus, because of the day two picks. I will be back later tonight as the undrafted free agents are signed.

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