Watch: Joey Porter Jr. Gets Drafted By The Pittsburgh Steelers

If you’re looking for a feel-good moment of the day, this is the post for you. NFL Films documented Penn State CB Joey Porter Jr.’s draft day experience and though it wasn’t everything he thought it would be, falling out of the first round, it sure wrapped up with an ending worth celebrating.

As shared by the NFL Films Twitter account, cameras were there to capture the moment Porter got the call. Take a look.

You can see Porter Jr.’s excited reaction before handing the phone to his dad, Joey Porter Sr., who coached alongside Mike Tomlin for several seasons.

“You already know what you’re getting,” Porter Sr. said on the call. “You’re getting a pissed off guy. He’s ready to get to work.”

You can hear GM Omar Khan on the other end of the phone making the call. It seems like he was allowed to make initial phone call this year in his first year as team’s general manager. And as Porter says in the clip, he knew he was calling the moment the phone rang, “412” being Pittsburgh’s area code.

After a disappointing Day One, cameras captured Porter Sr. giving his son a pep talk and using the disappointment, frustration, anger, and all the other emotions as fuel for when he finally hits the football field. He’ll use that this year in Pittsburgh, starting in training camp during the summer before his first game action in the fall.

It’s a great moment and reminder of what makes the NFL Draft so special. Lives are changed over those three days, including Porter’s, who is headed back home.

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