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New Contract Details For Steelers QB Mitch Trubisky

The Pittsburgh Steelers have backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky signed to a two-year contract extension and on Friday afternoon we received more details related to it from Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

According to Dulac, Trubisky’s two-year extension, a three-year deal in total, is worth $19.65 million with $8 million of that guaranteed. That $8 million comes in 2023 in the form of a $6.92 million signing bonus and a veteran minimum salary of $1.08 million. Prior to the extension, Trubisky was scheduled to earn $8 million total in 2023.

According to Dulac, Trubisky will earn $5.25 million in salary and a roster bonus in 2024 and another $6.4 million in salary and a roster bonus in 2025. The former first-round draft pick of the Chicago Bears can additionally earn up to $14.5 million in incentives in the final two years of his contract. Most of the incentives are based on amount of playing time and performance, however.

The only thing we don’t know at this point is the breakdown of the total earnings in 2024 and 2025. There might be $2 million in each year as roster bonuses with the remaining portions being his base salary amounts.

Based on the numbers provided by Dulac, Trubisky’s 2023 cap charge should be $6,011,666. Prior to the extension, it was scheduled to be $10,625 million, so it decreased $4,613,334. Trubisky’s 2024 and 2025 cap charges should be $7,556,666 and $8,706,668, respectively, based on Dulac’s reporting.

Realistically, this is just a one-year deal for Trubisky for $8 million and it essentially comes with two option years. In short, the Steelers could part ways with Trubisky before his 2024 roster bonus is due and still save a little bit of salary cap space in the process. However, the Steelers likely plan to get at least two more years out of Trubisky, if not all three. The best thing about this extension is that no additional cash was needed in 2023 to lock him up for two additional years as he was already due $8 million under his old deal.

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