‘More You Play The Game, The More It Slows Down:’ Rookie NT Keeanu Benton On Making NFL Leap

Transitioning from college to the NFL is not easy and there is a learning curve for all players when they get to the league. Some will adjust quickly; others take a more time. It is a process that is different for every person. Today was the start of rookie minicamp where new draftees and signees have their first chance to begin to adjust to the NFL.

One those beginning to the adjust to the NFL is Pittsburgh Steelers second-round pick Keeanu Benton. A defensive lineman out of Wisconsin, Benton today talked to the media in a video posted to about how there is going to be some adjustment time moving from college to the NFL.

“I mean, I feel like it’s something I got to get used to,” Benton said via the team website. “Coming to Wisconsin it was kind of the same thing, everything going a hundred miles per hour. But the more you play the game the more it slows down.”

The transition may not be as difficult for Benton as for other players just because of what he will be asked to do. Benton will mostly be playing nose tackle this season and because of that will not be seeing as many snaps as other defensive lineman such as Cameron Heyward or Larry Ogunjobi.

This does not mean there won’t be an adjustment period. Benton will be going up against much stronger and more technically refined players than he did at Wisconsin. Benton has the tools to become a great player in the future and be a huge help to the in the run stopping game, but he will need to be able to adjust to NFL speed and strength.

The good news for Benton is that he will be in a room with a bunch of veterans who can help him out and won’t be asked to do too much his first year. Benton is in the perfect situation to succeed in Pittsburgh. As long as he gives 100% effort and continuously learns throughout the preseason and season the Steelers should have an excellent defensive lineman for the future.

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