Isaac Seumalo Believes Broderick Jones Has ‘Right Mindset’ To Succeed In NFL

Though Broderick Jones is the Pittsburgh Steelers’ latest first-round pick, one they traded up to get, he’s bringing humility to the NFL. And his teammates can already see it. Veteran OG Isaac Seumalo, new to the team himself, spoke with WDVE’s Mike Prisuta and praised Jones’ mentality as he begins his NFL career.

“From talking to him and what he said, he has the right mindset and wants to come to work every day,” Jones told Prisuta. “I think as an offensive lineman, the ups and downs of the game is gonna come.”

Jones has spoken softly and humbly since being drafted, happy to be in Pittsburgh but knowing he won’t be handed anything. In rookie minicamp, he was asked about potentially starting Week One. He deferred the question, saying his focus is just getting a little better each day to put him in position to start.

It’s a mindset not every rookie shares. Especially someone in Jones’ position, a two-time national champ at a powerhouse program like Georgia with Jones starting in 2022 to lead the Bulldogs to another title. But Jones comes from humble roots and his loyalty has been evident throughout his football life. A high school star, schools in the area tried to pull him away from his smaller public school but he stayed in place. Jones was pressured to de-commit from Georgia and attend another big SEC college but he kept his word. And despite being a backup to start his career, he opted not to transfer like many players do, working and earing his starting role this past season.

For Seumalo, he sees a player who doesn’t get too high or too low, a steadiness that’s vital to thrive along the offensive line.

“I think being able to weather the tide and be calm, cool and collected in pressure situations. Understanding that it’s not the big leaps and bounds that are gonna happen,” he said. “It’s the 1 percent every day that you gotta focus on. Come every day with an empty cup and be ready to learn.”

The best offensive linemen are consistent and having that cool, steady approach will serve him well in the league. Should Jones beat out Dan Moore Jr. for the starting left tackle job, he’ll be greeted by two of the league’s top two pass rushers the first two weeks in San Francisco’s Nick Bosa and Cleveland’s Myles Garrett. Jones has the talent to succeed but like any rookie, he’ll take his lumps, too. How players react and handle that is what defines them, and it sounds like Jones has set a solid foundation.

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