Green Bay Selected To Host 2025 NFL Draft

The NFL voted Monday on the host city of the 2025 NFL Draft with Green Bay, Wisconsin, home of the Packers, emerging the location for the prestigious event. The vote was part of a busy Spring League Meeting. The Fan Engagement & Major Events Advisory Committee and the entire league ownership reviewed the city of Green Bay’s proposal and gave it a thumbs-up.

“The Draft has become a prominent offseason event hosted in different cities with spectacular locations across the country, and we are excited to work with the Packers and Discover Green Bay to bring the 2025 NFL Draft to Green Bay and iconic Lambeau Field,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a news release. “With the help of numerous local partners on the ground, our prospects and fans will be treated to an incredible week-long experience that shows off the city of Green Bay and the state of Wisconsin.”

In recent years, the NFL Draft has become more than seven rounds spread over three days of selections. It has become a weeklong event for the NFL and its fans to celebrate football and what the draft means. The 2023 NFL Draft was held in Kansas City and more than 312,000 fans attended the festivities throughout the week. While the majority of people tuning in across the world are focused on simply who their favorite team is drafting, the events throughout the week have become a way to showcase a city and all it has to offer.

Each year, cities can submit a proposal to the league for the right to host the NFL Draft. It’s a far cry from the tradition of New York City, which hosted the draft from 1965 to 2014. However, the league boasted that over 2.2 million fans have attended events around the draft in the host city since 2015, so don’t expect any changes to the format anytime soon.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ owner Art Rooney II has expressed an interest in hosting a future draft but those plans will have to wait at least a couple more years.

If you’re looking to attend the 2025 NFL Draft, just be prepared to bundle up as average temperatures in Green Bay in April can be anywhere between the mid-30s to the low 60s.

The Packers’ divisional rivals, the Detroit Lions, will host the 2024 NFL Draft on April 25-27. Green Bay had attempted to host the 2024 NFL Draft but lost out to Detroit.

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