GMFB’s Host Calls Steelers Vs. Cardinals The Greatest Super Bowl Of All-Time

Jason McCourty would agree with probably every single Pittsburgh Steelers fan out there. Super Bowl XLIII between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals was the greatest one of all-time, essentially making it one of the greatest games ever played.

Good Morning Football had a quick segment Tuesday morning debating the greatest Super Bowl ever. And McCourty made his case for the one that wrapped up the 2008 season.

“My goodness was this one fun,” McCourty said. “Big play after big play after big play. Steelers get out and they get hot. Next thing you know, Arizona’s driving and James Harrison picks this ball 100 yards to take it all the way back for a touchdown.”

The crew joked that even watching the replay 15 years later, it still looks like Larry Fitzgerald is going to catch Harrison. But Harrison had an incredible convoy of blockers that made Fitzgerald’s path to him messy and it took him just a moment too long to tackle Harrison before they all fell into the end zone.

Individually, it’s arguably the greatest play in Super Bowl history, though the play that won the game rivals it.

“Big Ben throwing it up to Santonio Holmes and getting those toes down.”

An amazing throw by Ben Roethlisberger, one that looked like it’d be intercepted as soon as he let go of the ball. But it was a precision strike between several Cardinals players and Holmes had the toe-tap of a career, securing the ball all the way to the ground. Touchdown, Steelers. Super Bowl, Steelers.

McCourty pointed out how back-and-forth the game was. Though it’s remembered for those two fantastic Steelers plays, the Cardinals came from being down 20-7 late in the third quarter to take a 23-20 lead with just over two minutes to go thanks to Larry Fitzgerald running past the Steelers’ secondary for a 64-yard touchdown. That play led to Roethlisberger’s memorable drive that ended in the touchdown to Holmes.

Choosing this game is as good as any selection and biased as I am, I’d have to agree with McCourty here.

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