Broderick Jones Not Focused On Winning Starting LT Job Right Now, Says Goal Is To Be ‘Best Version Of Me’

Of course Broderick Jones wants to be named the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Week One starter. If he didn’t, that would be cause for concern. But to get to that point, he’s taking things one day at a time. Which starts with this three-day rookie minicamp that’s wrapping up today and getting better each day to prove he’s the right man for the job.

Speaking to reporters following his first NFL practice Friday, Jones explained his approach.

“I have a mindset of coming in, ready to work, you know?” he said via “I’m not looking forward to winning the job right now or doing anything. My biggest focus right now is coming in, doing the best I can do, learning the playbook and being the best version of me.”

Jones was the Steelers’ first-round pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, Pittsburgh trading up three spots from #17 to #14 to take him, becoming the first tackle the team has taken in the first round since 1996.

Expectations are he’ll capture the Week One job. First-round picks play sooner than later, especially offensive linemen. Of the nine linemen selected in the first round of the 2022 draft, seven were Week One starters. The only exceptions were Houston Texans OG Kenyon Green, who still played 38 snaps, and New Orleans’ OT Trevor Penning, who was injured and didn’t return until late in the season.

But Jones was regarded as a rawer tackle, 22 years old come Week One and more importantly, only a one-year starter at Georgia. Jones will have to learn the specific pass pro techniques under OL Coach Pat Meyer and last year proved even NFL veterans struggle with the transition. With tough Week 1 and Week 2 matchups against Nick Bosa and Myles Garrett, there’s an argument to be made to stick with Dan Moore Jr., who has experience in the league and playing under Meyer.

While that battle will take place in the summer, Jones has the right attitude so far. There will be a time to focus on winning a job. But rookie minicamp isn’t the time or the place. Heck, his competition in Moore doesn’t even arrive for another 10 days. Right now is about digesting how a Steelers practice works and what his coaches want. Foundational level things that will give him the best opportunity to win the job this summer.

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