Ask Alex: Steelers Mailbag

Welcome back to your latest Pittsburgh Steelers mailbag. As always, we’re here for the next hour answering whatever is on your mind.

To your questions!

Fasterwilly: Who’s returning kicks and punts Week 1?

Alex: Good question. Could it be someone not on the roster right now? There’s a chance of that. Happened with Ray-Ray McCloud in 2020.

But of the current names, Calvin Austin III makes the most sense. He did some punts in college but no kicks. But he has the skillset and speed that’s attractive there. Find ways to get him the ball knowing his offensive usage could vary pretty heavily.

Steelers D: Were there any other rookie minicamp tryout players who you would’ve liked see get signed?

Alex: Not in particular. I trust their evaluation of what they saw. I would only say it was sorta disappointing to bring in 33 tryout guys, a relatively high number (it’s usually in the 20-25 range but a smaller UDFA class + only five first-year guys eligible) and for only one to get signed is underwhelming. With some roster spots open, I thought others would get inked, especially the XFL guys. Okeke was a pedigree guy at a position of need but obviously, they didn’t think he was good enough.

Billjump: Do you think Benny Snell signs next? The Steelers keep giving us something to talk about each week!

Alex: Ha, heck, how can you rule it out? Seeing these guys come guy, seeing guys choose to stay in Pittsburgh like Trubisky, I’m not going to close the door on anything. I’m all for it for him to be a quality #3 RB and special teamer. Pittsburgh may have had a vet minimum offer out there for months and Snell is just waiting it out to see what he wants to do. That’s what Mason seemed to do.

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