2023 NFL Draft

On Wisconsin: Nick Herbig Excited To Be ‘Under The Wing’ Of Several Former Badgers In Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers reunited Nick Herbig with his brother Nate on Saturday afternoon, selecting the former in the fourth round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Pittsburgh has shown a strong affinity for Georgia Bulldogs the past two drafts, selecting WR George Pickens last year along with OT Broderick Jones and TE Darnell Washington this year. However, Pittsburgh has become a landing spot for former Wisconsin Badgers as well, with Herbig joining DL Keeanu Benton on a roster that also has OLB T.J. Watt and DL Isaiahh Loudermilk.

Speaking on a post-pick conference call, Herbig was asked what it will be like to join several of his former Badgers teammates in Pittsburgh and if they will be able to help with his transition from college to the pros.

“For sure,” Herbig responded to the media via 93.7 The Fan. “You know, I think they’ll take me under their wing like they already have. T.J.’s already took me under this wing. Loudermilk’s already took me under this wing. You know me and Keeanu are like best friends. So, now that we’re all going to be together, I think it’ll make the process a lot easier.”

Having your big brother as a member of the new professional team you play for doesn’t hurt, but Nick Herbig played with both Benton and Loudermilk during his time in Madison, getting to know the two well as members of the defense. Having those familiar faces in the building can definitely be a good sight to see as he becomes accustomed to life in Pittsburgh as the one of the newest members of the Steelers.

As for T.J. Watt, Herbig has been seeking pointers from the former Defensive Player of the Year dating back to his time in college. Watt actually attended the Badgers’ Pro Day this spring and worked extensively with Herbig off the field after the on-field work was complete. He helped him with his pass rush technique, showing him some of the tricks of the trade he uses as one of the best pass rushers in the game today.

Nick Herbig feels right at home in Pittsburgh, and for good reason. He has his brother by blood, Nate, who grew up alongside him playing football with each hoping to play on the same team one day. He also has his brothers by choice from Wisconsin, having suited up with Loudermilk and Benton, and he has looked up to a guy like Watt since committing to the school. Now, he will back up Watt and try to learn everything he can from him while attempting to become a productive, effective pass rusher in the National Football League.

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