Kyle Brandt Believes Kenny Pickett Will Make The Biggest Leap Next Year From 2022 NFL Draft

While a lot of talk right now is surrounding the 2023 NFL Draft, we shouldn’t forget about the 2022 NFL Draft and players from that class. Players entering their second year have a chance to make the coveted “second year jump” and continue to ascend in the NFL. Today on Good Morning Football, the cast discussed who they think will from the 2022 NFL draft class will take the biggest leap.

Kyle Brandt believes Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett will be the player from last year’s draft who will see the most improvement.

“Last eight games, Kenny Pickett threw one interception in eight games, and they went 6-2 and they’re poised, they got the 17th pick in the draft, it’s one of these middle picks that doesn’t get talked about much,” said Brandt. “Don’t ever forget to check on Carnegie and Rockefeller in the NFL. They are always strong, they always matter. You go ahead and chase the crappy teams drafting at the top and talk about the really great teams from last year draft at the end. Don’t forget Kenny Pickett, he played really well at the end of last year and Steelers came tearing down the stretch. Kenny Pickett, big jump.”

Pickett, for all his struggles early on in the season, really came on at the end. Despite not having mind-blowing stats, in the final nine weeks of the season Pickett threw five touchdowns to only one interception and led four game-winning drives.

As Brandt said, Pickett helped the Steelers fight for a playoff spot, even if he wasn’t the driving force behind it. Pickett’s play in Week 18 was night and day from his performance in Week Five as the game slowed down for him and he showed more confidence in his play.

Going into next season, Pickett is already working hard at his craft while training in Florida with his teammates. Numerous videos on social media have surfaces of Pickett practicing with his personal coach Tony Racioppi to perfect his craft.

As we already saw Pickett’s improvement throughout last season, it isn’t hard to expect Pickett to take a huge leap after a full offseason of training and more reps at training camp. Pickett wasn’t handed a golden spoon when he got to the NFL; he had to earn the starting role and after he did he struggled initially. But he continued to improve and with his hard-working mentality and clear skill, it is hard to disagree with Brandt in that he will be the most improved player from the 2022 NFL Draft this upcoming season.

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