2023 NFL Draft

Steelers Meet With Oregon State CB Rejzohn Wright At Pro Day

The Pittsburgh Steelers met with Oregon State CB Rejzohn Wright at yesterday’s Beavers Pro Day. According to The Daily Barometer’s Ryan Harlan, the Steelers were at least one of two teams to speak with Wright Monday.

From Harlan: “Wright did not participate in drills at either his Pro Day or the NFL Combine for undisclosed reasons but is projected to be a likely second- or third-round pick in the draft. However, Wright has met with several teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys, who drafted his brother Nahshon in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft.”

In our pre-draft scouting report, our Owen Straley praised Wright for his good use of length and ability to jam and reroute in Cover 2. He noted Wright’s football IQ and strong performance against USC wide receiver Jordan Addison, a likely first-round pick in next month’s draft. However, Straley noted Wright can get overaggressive in zone coverage and vacate his window and responsibility.

Straley gave Wright a second-round grade. NFL Mock Draft Database has a lower projection based off aggregate mock drafts, pegging him as a late Day Three pick. But those are subject to the whims of mocks and aren’t always aligned with where players are actually drafted.

At the 2023 NFL Combine, Wright weighed in at 6020, 193 pounds with 32 1/2 inch arms. He did not participate in any of the testing and evidently did not at his Beavers’ Pro Day. For his college career, Wright recorded 91 tackles (2.5 TFL) with four interceptions. A two-year starter, he recorded 38 tackles in 2022. As noted, he has NFL bloodlines with his brother Nashon selected in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. He’s been a backup his first two years in the league.

It’s not clear who the Steelers sent to Oregon State. We know they attended — the school tweeted out a list of teams who appeared — but we’ve been unable to find the scout and/or personnel member who represented Pittsburgh. If we find out who was there, we’ll let you know.

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