Ravens Looking To Make ‘Comprehensive Transition’ On Offense Under Monken, Harbaugh

Reports last week indicated that the Baltimore Ravens intended to speak with Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson about their own vacant coordinator position.

They intended to wait to speak with them as they each prepared their teams for the Super Bowl—each successfully, I might add. But either they decided not to wait or they were never seriously planning to do so, because the Ravens announced a hire yesterday.

Todd Monken is to be their new offensive coordinator, succeeding Greg Roman after four seasons on the job. A former offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has spent the past few years as the Georgia Bulldogs’ coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

What comes next remains to be seen. According to Josina Anderson, the Ravens are looking to make a “comprehensive transition” on offense. It is unclear what that means as it pertains to the contract status of quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Anderson also reported that further changes to the offensive coaching staff are planned and that they will be determined via a “collaborative effort” between head coach John Harbaugh and Monken as the new coordinator puts together his own staff.

By and large, it still appears as though Baltimore is moving forward with the understanding that Jackson will be their quarterback. That is surely their intention, but the very real possibility of a contract impasse remains.

Anderson did indicate that Jackson’s input was “folded into the evaluation process” for the Ravens’ next offensive coordinator and that those making the decision also welcomed communication from other key players as well.

One key player is likely All-Pro tight end Mark Andrews, who previously said that whoever their next coordinator is, he will be tasked with changing the perception of the Ravens’ passing game. “If you’re not doing it, you’re falling behind”, he said.

Since Jackson’s first full season as a starter in 2019, Baltimore ranks second to last in passing yards behind only the Chicago Bears, 20th in completion percentage, and 25th in interception percentage (in other words, the eighth-highest interception frequency).

On the reverse end, they have been the league’s dominant team on the ground, the only team with more than 10,000 rushing yards over the past four seasons. In fact, they have 11,566 yards, over 2,000 more than the Tennessee Titans in second place. They also have nearly 200 more attempts than the Titans. But they rank fifth in rushing touchdowns and first in yards per attempt at 5.3, the only team at five yards or higher.

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