‘All Options Are On The Table:’ Omar Khan Doesn’t Rule Out Draft Day Trades

Until the Pittsburgh Steelers are officially on the clock, the answer to whether or not they will make a draft day trade remains the same.


That’s essentially what GM Omar Khan said in speaking to the media Tuesday at the 2023 NFL Combine. During his press conference, he was asked if having an extra second round pick acquired from Chicago in the Chase Claypool deal would make the team more aggressive when it comes to a draft day trade. Khan said everything is being considered.

“It gives us opportunity to do a lot lot of different things,” Khan said via our own Joe Clark of the extra second round pick. “We have a lot of scenarios that we’ve talked about. Everything’s on the table right now. Just gives us options. And with this draft being as good as it is, we’re excited to have it.”

Pittsburgh shipped Claypool to the Bears shortly before the trade deadline in 2022, netting a second round pick in return. Chicago wouldn’t win another game after making the deal, finished the year 3-14, and now holds the #1 pick in the draft. Meaning, the Steelers pick at the top of the second round, 32nd overall, one pick higher than usual after the Miami Dolphins forfeited their first round pick after tampering with Tom Brady.

For the Steelers, they have three picks in the Top 50 selections for the first time in more than 30 years. The last time that happened came in 1989 when Pittsburgh had a pair of picks in the first round and another high in the second round. They came out of that draft with Carnell Lake.

Predicting draft day trades this far out are impossible. The Steelers can’t even be sure of what they might or might not do. It depends on their own re-signings, external free agents, their draft evaluations of player and classes, and the offers on the table. But the more picks a team has, the more flexibility it provides, and Khan made it clear if there’s someone they want to go up and grab, they won’t hesitate.

“I’d say all options are on the table. If there’s a good football player and we have the opportunity to go get him. If we can get him, we’re gonna go get him.”

It’s a new regime under Omar Khan. Under Kevin Colbert, the team was often static in the early rounds, occasionally trading up but often staying put. Perhaps that’ll change with Khan in charge, armed with plenty of picks in his very first draft. We’ll see if he makes a splash.

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