Wild Card Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday and I hope yinz are doing well.

The Pittsburgh Steelers season is over. Despite knocking off the Cleveland Browns 28-14 in the regular season finale, they didn’t quite get the help they needed to make into the postseason. The Miami Dolphins captured the 7th seed by narrowly beating the New York Jets and they’ll take their third-string, rookie quarterback into the playoffs against the two-seed Buffalo Bills. For Pittsburgh, their offseason begins. And so does our offseason work.

And thanks to everyone who has visited the Friday Five over the year and answered our questions. We appreciate it and good luck everyone in the running to win.

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you enjoyed following our continued coverage. I thank you for visiting the site and we appreciate all of your great feedback. As always, we have five Friday night questions for you to answer.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Who will win – the Cincinnati Bengals or Baltimore Ravens?

2 – Who will win – the Dallas Cowboys or Tampa Bay Buccaneers? 

3 – Who is your Steelers rookie of the year? No right or wrong answers here, of course. 

4 – Will Brian Flores still be with the Steelers by Monday at 8 PM/EST?

5 – And finally, will Matt Canada be on this coaching staff Monday at 8 PM/EST?

Recap of 2022 Week 18 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Steelers beat Cleveland 28-14. Steelers Depot respondents showed confidence with 91.5% taking Pittsburgh to win.

Question 2: So close on the Steelers’ opening drive. Diontae Johnson caught a short pass and ran 31 yards before being tackled at the two-yard line. Kenny Pickens threw to him again in the end zone but incomplete later in the game. He did score on a two-point conversion play but that’s not a touchdown. A slight 53.2% majority predicted Diontae breaking his touchdown drought. But it was not to be in 2022. Hopefully, it does not last long into the 2023 season.

Question 3: Nick Chubb averaged 6.4 yards a carry. But he only ran 12 times gaining 77 yards. So, Cleveland fires their defensive coordinator. Makes sense to me. 66% of Depot respondents picked up a point by taking the under on Chubb rushing for 85.5 yards.

Question 4: Derek Watt got one touch in the game. On first and goal from the one, Watt punched the ball if for a touchdown. But no third-down conversions against the Browns. 59.6% of respondents got this right.

Question 5: Cleveland used a passing attack to surprise the Steelers’ defense who set up to stop the run. Watson attempted 29 passes. The Steelers sacked him seven times including four times on their last drive. I do not think Watson will enjoy playing in the AFC North. 89.4% picked up a point by predicting Watson sacked over 2.5 times.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Steelers Win? Diontae TD Catch? Chubb O/U 85.5 Rush Yards Derek Watt Convers a 3rd Down? Watson O/U 2.5 Sacks?
SD Consensus YES YES UNDER No Over
Correct Answers YES NO UNDER NO OVER

Steelers Depot respondents collectively answered Four out of five questions correctly.

A record 18 respondents just missed the five-point weekly bonus by answering four of five questions correctly! That beat out last week by one.

However, like last week 11 respondents swept the board. So, the tiebreaker came into play again this week. Kenny Pickett completed just 13 of 29 passes for 195 yards. The 11 predicted Pickett gaining anywhere from 161 to 287 yards. Deep-derp came close by predicting 199 passing yards. But ManRayX just edged him out by one yard with his 198 yard prediction.  

Excellent job ManRayX! Please send me a DM (subBurgher on twitter or quarternelson on Instagram or email [email protected]) with your PayPal address to receive your share of the winnings. Alternatively, you can kick your share back towards the next pot or donate it to the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Entirely up to you, just let me know.

A shoutout to past and present regular season prize winners:

Season First Place Second Place Third Place
2016 Phil Brenneman II Beaver Falls Hosiery Kevin Schwartz
2017 Alan Tman Wes Lee Darth Blount
2018 GreenBastard ImMikeD Don2727
2019 ManRayX & James Barnhart (tie)   PittShawnC
2020 ManRayX B&G & Don2727 (tie)  
2021 GhotiFish ManRayX & Lou Rock (tie)  
2022 Ken Sterner B&G Doc Ellis D


A great race!  B&G overtook Ken Sterner for first place back in Week 10. Ken finally reclaimed first place in the final week with just one question making the difference. Ken Sterner takes the $100 first prize. B&G $75 for send, and Doc Ellis D climbed six places to take third and  $25.

Great job everyone. We had 97 respondents this season. Hope to see you all next season.

Final 2022 Regular Season leaderboard:

Ken Sterner 89 First +1
B&G 84 Second -1
Doc Ellis D 82 Third +6
Lambert58 81 Fourth +5
Slim Stew 80 Fifth -2
ManRayX 78 Sixth (tie) +8
Steelers D 78 Sixth (tie) +8
Pius Street Uke 77 Eighth -4
Steven Small 76 Ninth (tie) -5
Steel_Man24 76 Ninth (tie) -2
DLFoot 75 11th -2
Chris92021 73 12th -1
Lucky Beagle 72 13th (tie) -2
Jesse Logue 72 13th (tie) +1
hoptown 72 13th (tie) -9
PittShawnC 71 16th (tie) -3
Andi B 71 16th (tie) +2
Steely McBeam 71 16th (tie) +12
Deep_derp 71 16th (tie) +12
ValyrianSteelerJedi01 70 20th (tie) -2
GhotiFish 70 20th (tie)
Mike Bianchi 70 20th (tie)
Greg Payne 70 20th (tie)
Kdog 69 24th (tie) -4
FlaFan47 69 24th (tie)
Ratsotex 68 26th -1
Wes Lee 67 27th (tie) -2
MAK Lives Free 67 27th (tie) -13
Ted Webb 66 29th -2
Stone Age Tone 65 30th -2

*New to leaderboard

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments or you can always send me a twitter DM @subBurgher or Instagram username quarternelson.

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