Rich Eisen Says Anyone Who Thinks Mike Tomlin Should Be Fired Is ‘Dumb’

With the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-13 win over the Baltimore Ravens last night, the team rebounded to 8-8 on the season after starting out at 2-6. They also held on to their playoff hopes, as the team has a path to make the playoffs if they can beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 18. The Steelers’ turnaround has been incredibly impressive, and a big reason why the team has stayed focused and competitive even when the season seemed lost has been head coach Mike Tomlin. On his show today, NFL analyst Rich Eisen said that if any Steelers fans want Tomlin fired, they’re, in a word, “dumb.”

“If you think Mike Tomlin isn’t all that, or shouldn’t be around after all this time, you are, with all due respect, dumb. Because, if you got your way, he would be hired elsewhere in 10 seconds,” Eisen said via The Rich Eisen Show YouTube channel.

“He just oozes charisma, and confidence and humanity. He’s got one of the most incredible blends of smarts, and hearts and guys, and boy, what he sells is bought,” Eisen continued.

Tomlin’s one of the most successful coaches in the NFL right now. And Eisen’s right that if the Steelers fire him, which they won’t, he’d be picked up faster than you could say go by another team. He keeps the Steelers competitive year in and year out, and this season might be his best coaching job yet.

Playing with a rookie quarterback, a rebuilt offensive line, and dealing with an injury to reigning Defensive Player of the Year T.J. Watt, and yet he’s helped orchestrate a massive turnaround this season. And while it’s definitely talked about too much and a stat that I personally don’t believe Tomlin should be lauded for as much as can be, his streak of finishing above .500 is still alive, and it’s something that means a lot to this current iteration of Steelers to keep alive. Safety Minkah Fitzpatrick and wide receiver Diontae Johnson have both talked about the importance of keeping the streak alive. And if that’s something that’s keeping guys motivated and giving them a little extra incentive each week, then that’s awesome.

The most important thing for the Steelers each season is making the playoffs and having success in the playoffs. While the playoff success hasn’t been there in recent years, Tomlin’s shown in the past he can win in the postseason. This year’s team wasn’t really expected to be a playoff team, and yet Tomlin has them there. While in the past he’s been criticized for underperforming given the talent he has, the same can’t be said for the 2022 Steelers.

Talking about firing Tomlin is a moot point because there isn’t even a remote possibility it’ll happen. Given everything he’s accomplished with the team this year by keeping them in playoff contention heading into the last week of the season, it’s an especially dumb thing to want to happen or think will happen. Honestly, it’s an exciting time to be a Steelers fan, with a young quarterback in Kenny Pickett who looks like he just might have that “it” factor to succeed in the NFL, and a young team across the board that’s played well enough to be in the position to make the playoffs. As guys, especially Pickett, develop, this Steelers team could be a threat in the AFC for years to come. And if/when that becomes the case, Mike Tomlin will be and should be the guy leading the charge.

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