Kenny Pickett Not Concerned About WR George Pickens: ‘George Is A Competitor’

Earlier today, Pittsburgh Steelers WR George Pickens spoke to the media and was asked about his frustrations during last Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons stemming from his lack of involvement in the offense. Pickens mentioned that every receiver wants the ball, and pointed to current HOF receiver Terrell Owens as a perfect example of a talented receiver that was painted in a negative light in the media because of how he expressed himself wanting the football.

QB Kenny Pickett was later asked about Pickens’ remarks and whether he saw this same demand for targets and opportunities from receivers at the college level like he currently is seeing in his first season in the NFL.

“No, no, absolutely not,” Pickett said regarding if this was a new experience for him to the media Wednesday in the locker room on video from the team’s website. “I mean, George [Pickens] is a competitor and that’s the thing about receivers is he only get so many opportunities and that’s why we have to definitely take advantage of the little ones that we do get. And we’ll continue to push forward, like I said, work and we’ll hit the ones down the field and those guys will continue to make plays for us.”

Pickett did a good job diffusing the situation that has arisen from Pickens obvious frustrations last game of not getting the ball thrown to him, finishing the game with just one catch for two yards. Pickett iterated HC Mike Tomlin’s words from yesterday during his press conference, commending Pickens as a competitor and does view that mindset of wanting to contribute to the team’s success as a negative.


Pickett did mention that he and Pickens need to take advantage of the “little” opportunities the two get which is the reality as the Steelers have a run-heavy offense where Pickett only attempts so many passes a game, thus giving Pickens so many opportunities depending on the passing concept, coverage, etc.

You would have to think Pickens isn’t directly mad at Pickett here who has locked onto him at various points of the season, but rather the inconsistency regarding his involvement in the offense. Hopefully with continued growth on the field by Pickett, Pickens will see more consistent opportunities to stay content in the offense while also checking himself to make sure his personal frustrations don’t boil over and affect the team in any way.

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