2022 Week 13 Steelers Vs Falcons Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

SReally good first half for the Steelers, who dominated time of possession and moved the ball with consistency offensively.

The Steelers ran 39 total plays to Atlanta’s 23 and hold a 19:04 to 10:56 advantage in time of possession.

Atlanta will receive the opening kickoff to start the second half. Steelers hold a 16-6 lead.

Start of second half

Steelers safety Terrell Edmunds is down on the play. has been as reliable as they come for the Steelers from an availability standpoint.

Edmunds misses just one snap. Tough as nails.

Steelers gets catches a break. Mariota misfires to London deep on 3rd and 11. London had a step and was open. Pressure forced incompletion. Punt coming.

Steelers committing to the run game here early in second half. Najee Harris converts a third down, Benny Snell Jr. does the same a few plays later. Offense on the move.

Pickett finds Donate Johnson to convert a third down. Johnson put his foot in the ground and ran forward. Next play, Najee Harris rips off a 14-yard run. Chukwuma Okorafor injured on the play. Trent Scott coming into the game.

Okorafor is back in the game. Benny Snell Jr. with a big pickup on a catch from Pickett and draws a horse collar penalty in the process. Steelers deep in Atlanta territory.

Steelers drive stalls after false start on Diontae Johnson, incomplete pass from Pickett to Johnson and a delay of game. Wright on for his fourth field goal.

Wright good from 33 yards.

Steelers 19, Falcons 6ย 

Marcus Mariota opens up the Falcons drive with a 9-yard run on the read-option.

Cordarrelle Patterson rips off an 11-yard run on a nice cutback. Then rips off a 22-yard run off left tackle. Falcons putting a good drive together. Inside Steelers territory.

Marcus Mariota finds tight end MyCole Pruitt for a 7-yard touchdown. Bounces off of a Minkah Fitzpatrick tackle to stretch across the goal line. Koo good on XP.

Steelers 19, Falcons 13

Pickett opens the drive with a rollout and 4-yard completion to George Pickens, his first catch of the day. Next play is a failed jet sweep to Gunner Olszewski.

Third and long coming up to open the fourth quarter.

END Q4: Steelers 19, Falcons 13ย 

Diontae Johnson makes the catch on third down, but fumbles after the catch. Falcons recover. Atlanta football deep in Steelers territory.

Call reversed as they rule it a fumble. Surprising call.

Atlanta on the move after the change in possession. Old-school option to Tyler Allgeier converts on 3rd and 1.

Falcons continue to drive down the field. Ran the football nine straight times at one point. Cordarrelle Patterson appeared to score a touchdown on the ground, but holding call wipes it out. False start pushes Atlanta further back.

Steelers hold on the drive, Falcons get a 28-yard field goal from Koo.

Steelers 19, Falcons 16. 5:27 left in the game.ย 

Diontae Johnson with a clutch catch on 2nd and 8 to move the chains for a gain of 10 yards. Forces Atlanta to take a timeout after the two-minute warning. This one is all but over.

Steelers make a surprise decision, take the delay of game and punt the ball away. Pressley Harvin with the best punt of his career, downing the Falcons inside the 5 yard line. No timeouts.

Mariota picked off by Minkah Fitzpatrick! Fitzpatrick runs out of bounds inside the 10 yard line. Steelers will kneel this out and win the game, 19-16. Improve to 5-7.

FINAL: Steelers 19, Falcons 16

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