Wormley Saw Heyward As ‘Intimidating’ Upon First Meeting, Says He Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

When you grow up with a father who punished NFL defenders as a rugged fullback nicknamed “Ironhead”, you’re bound to have strangers wondering what kind of persona you own. And for Craig Heyward’s son and multi-time All-Pro defensive tackle Cam of the Pittsburgh Steelers, that’s exactly the impression he first gave to his now teammate, and former division rival Chris Wormley, who spent the first years of his career with Baltimore before being acquired in a trade to the Steel City.

Earlier today on 93.7 The Fan with CBS’ Aditi Kinkhabwala, Wormley spoke in-depth about a wide array of topics, one of which centering around his first encounter with his defensive linemate.

“Well, Cam, I didn’t know Cam until I got here when I got traded here and I saw him at Ohio State, I saw him with the Steelers and he is this big, intimidating looking guy,” Wormley said via 93.7 The Fan.

This initial meeting was important to Wormley, as the two were also on opposite sides of arguably the biggest rivalry in college football, Ohio State and Michigan, so it’s safe to say some type of banter was exchanged in regards to that. However, as Wormley went on to say, some NFL players may seem like the nicest guys in the world on-camera, and then in-person are the biggest jerks known to man. However, Wormley couldn’t have been more wrong about Heyward.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, this dude looks like he’s not nice’, and he’s got a big beard and a massive head and big shoulders and he looks huge and he’s always screaming and is intense, which is awesome for a football player. And I go and have a conversation with him, and he’s the nicest dude I’ve ever met.”

Odds are, if you take a poll of many opposing offensive linemen across the league, the 6-foot-5, 295-pound (listed) Heyward is definitely not going to show up on a list of the nicest guys they’ve ever come across, as his bull-rush is perhaps the most feared across the league.

A multi-time team captain, Heyward’s leadership will be crucial if the team hopes to remain afloat as they cope with the loss of the league DPOY T.J. Watt. However, it should make Steeler Nation even more proud of the franchise, knowing they have one of the genuine good guys that exist in this league as a cornerstone piece, who someday may indeed get his call to Canton.

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