Von Miller On Kenny Pickett: ‘Has Some Dawg In Him’

The Pittsburgh Steelers did not have many bright spots on last weekend’s blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills. However, their rookie quarterback did turn some heads despite only putting up three points. 

All-Pro linebacker Von Miller joined the Pat McAfee Show today and again sang the praises of Kenny Pickett 

“I like Kenny,” Miller said. “I think he did all the things you want out of your first year quarterback. He moved around in the pocket, he extended plays, he was accurate and he had a good deep ball.”

Going into the draft Pickett was praised for his accuracy and intangibles, but one knock he had was his arm strength. Miller pointing out that Pickett threw a good deep ball may show that sometimes the lead up to the draft and the constant attention the media puts on prospects, specifically quarterback prospects, leads to over-analyzation sometimes. Pickett was a successful deep-ball passer in college, and now is being praised for it after his first NFL start. 

Von Miller isn’t wrong about Kenny Pickett doing all the things asked for out of a rookie quarterback, either. Pickett not only had a good statline all things considered, throwing for 327 yards and one interception with a 65.4% completion percentage, but also moved the football down the field well. 

Despite only scoring three points, the Steelers’ offense looked pretty good when offensive coordinator Matt Canada let Pickett throw the ball. The first drive of the game the Pitt product was able to march the team into field goal range, and if Diontae Johnson was able to get his second foot down on a ridiculous sideline grab, Pittsburgh may have even scored their first opening drive touchdown of the season. 

Von Miller even referenced Pickett’s toughness when he talked about the scuffle the Steelers’ quarterback got in with Shaq Lawson at the end of the game. 

“[Pickett] has some dawg in him. I like Kenny and I think he’ll have a bright future in this league.”

Pickett has a way to go before he can be considered one of the elite quarterbacks in the AFC, let alone the NFL, but hearing such high praise from a player of the caliber of Von Miller is encouraging to hear. Miller saying Kenny Pickett has that “dog in him” bodes well for the future as it signifies that Pickett is never going to be satisfied and will always be looking to improve. 

Now Kenny Pickett looks towards his first ever home start Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Let’s see if he can unleash the “dawg” against Todd Bowles and the vaunted Bucs’ defense. 

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