Tomlin Believes ‘The Dam’s Going To Break’ Soon Regarding Pittsburgh Getting More Chunk Plays On Offense

On Tuesday, HC Mike Tomlin spoke to the media in his weekly press conference where he talked about the events of Sunday’s loss against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football and previewed the team’s upcoming Week 8 matchup on the road Sunday against the 6-0 Philadelphia Eagles.

When asked the question that everyone wants to know regarding how the offense plans to try and get more chunk plays in the passing game, Tomlin answered stating that no major changes are likely to be made, but rather a focus on the minor details as the way this uninspiring passing attack will improve in the coming weeks.

“Keep working with continuity,” Tomlin said to the media Tuesday which aired live from the team’s YouTube channel. “It raises your floor. When you raise your floor and you minimize negativity, you increase the potential for positivity. And so, sometimes the changes that need to occur aren’t significant ones, they’re just continuing to work and understanding that the dam’s going to break in terms of those opportunities happen. I know staying on schedule and not being behind the chains is a component of that as well.”

For all those looking for drastic changes in terms of opening up the offense and the Steelers calling different plays in attempt to stretch defenses vertically, I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

Tomlin gave the classic “focus on the details” answer for what has been Pittsburgh’s biggest problem regarding their passing offense that has been so predictable and bland under OC Matt Canada the last two seasons. He insinuates that the team is making strides in terms of connecting more and developing a continuity regarding their QB Kenny Pickett and the rest of the receivers getting on the same page in the passing game.

Tomlin does make a point in terms of minimizing negativity as Pickett has thrown a few INTs in attempt to get his playmakers the football. For instance, his first professional pass was picked of Week 4 against the Jets as he attempted to get the ball to Chase Claypool down the field, only for the receiver to get the ball knocked out of his hands and into the air for the INT. Another instance of this occurred in this last game where Pickett targeted Claypool down the left sideline as Claypool tripped and fell, leaving Justin Bethel in perfecto position to pick off the deep ball attempt.

Still, while working on the minor details may help this offense connect on a couple more chunk plays, they are already handicapped based on the scheme they run. Alex Kozora has mentioned time-and-again in film room studies about how boring and simple this Matt Canada offense is and how it thrives on short passes near the LOS to the boundary. Kenny Pickett is currently averaging 6.1 YPA and that drops to 3.9 adjusting net yards gained per passing attempt according to Pro Football Reference. The WRs are struggling in terms of generating YAC and the average target depth appears to be putting a cap on what Pittsburgh’s weapons are capable of doing down the field.

The offense continues to be a mess for the Steelers, and while change is necessary to see any improvement, Tomlin has made it clear that the team won’t make any groundbreaking changes, at least until the season is over. While shaking everything up may not help Pittsburgh’s chances of competing this season, continuing with the status quo with something that hasn’t worked for over a year-and-a-half isn’t likely going to result in any significant changes either.

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