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Myles Jack Describes Ass-Kicking ‘Party’ In Buffalo As ‘Never Something You Forget’

The Pittsburgh Steelers might not be a very good team right now, but to be revealed as a 35-point loser, even on the road to one of the best teams in the game, is a tough pill to swallow. Today’s game was certainly an embarrassment for those in the locker room, whether it’s their first year here or their 12th.

Defensive captain Cameron Heyward’s bitter press conference after the game certainly revealed as much, confessing that they kicked their own asses and essentially escorted the Buffalo Bills into the end zone on long scores.

Myles Jack might be in his first season in Pittsburgh, but that didn’t make the loss sting any less. The team’s leading tackler in I believe every game this season, his comments after the game suggest he’ll be chewing on this one for a while.

“This is one of those that you don’t forget”, he told reporters, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review via Twitter. “When you travel and go into somebody else’s house and they throw a party like this, it’s never something you forget. It’s something you remember years from now”.

Normally it’s nice to attend a party at somebody else’s house, but it’s not so nice when it’s an ass-whooping party and you’re the ass. And boy were they today. The amazing thing is that it could have been so much worse if they didn’t manage two takeaways in the end zone.

Every phase of the game was rife with failure, including special teams, where Chris Boswell missed two field goals, Pressley Harvin III shanked multiple punts, James Pierre, fielding a punt because replacement returner Steven Sims was dealing with an eye injury, muffed one on a return, and—I can’t even remember what other catastrophes might have befallen my team today, really. I’m right there with you guys today, believe me.

It says a lot when a veteran free agent makes these kinds of comments after a loss, because it just tells you how bad it was. You’re not going to have as much investment. But there’s no easy way to lose a game by five possessions.

The Steelers snuck up to Buffalo in Week 1 and escaped with a shocking win. They may be in shock now, but their ass-kicking left nobody else surprised, except perhaps Von Miller. They return home losers of four consecutive games, now, leaders of the race to the bottom. And nobody will be throwing them any parties.

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