2022 Week 6 Steelers Vs Buccaneers Live Update And Discussion Thread – First Half

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The Steelers enter this matchup 1-4 on the season. The team is pretty banged up as well, particularly in the secondary which doesn’t bode well when matching up against a Tom Brady offense. Meanwhile on offense, Kenny Pickett gets his first start at Acrisure Stadium which provides some silver lining in an otherwise bleak matchup.


CB Ahkello Witherspoon
S Minkah Fitzpatrick
QB Mason Rudolph
CB Cameron Sutton
CB Levi Wallace
TE Pat Freiermuth
G Kendrick Green


DT Akiem Hicks
CB Sean Murphy-Bunting
S Logan Ryan
WR Julio Jones
S Mike Edwards
QB Kyle Trask
WR Deven Thompkins
TE Kyle Rudolph


Tom Brady and his offense begin the game with the ball.

First down was a one yard run by Leonard Fournette around the right end. 2nd down Brady incomplete intended for Chris Godwin. Back to Godwin on 3rd, but Brady threw the ball low. Larry Ogunjobi with a quarterback hit on the play.

The punt went out of bounds at the 34, so the Steelers start with a handful of extra yards on their first drive. 1st and 10, Kenny Pickett complete to George Pickens for 8. 2nd, Diontae Johnson on a shallow crosser for a five yard gain.

On 1st and 10, Pickett found Chase Claypool for 14 yards. Pickett hit three different receivers on his first three passing plays.

Najee Harris on a quick toss, but taken down four yards in the backfield. On 2nd, Claypool around the right end for 8 yards on the ground. On 3rd and 6, Pickett incomplete deep to George Pickens, but Pickett was hit late and the Steelers benefit from a 15 yard penalty. Devin White called for the flag.

On 1st and 10, Najee Harris went off left tackle for a gain of just 1. Diontae Johnson rushing this time around the left end for 3 yards. Kevin Dotson called for a false start. 3rd and 11 coming. The flag moved them out of the red zone, technically but still well within Chris Boswell range. On 3rd and 11, Pickett scrambled for 10 yards, stopped just short. Great decision there to scramble with a wide open lane in the middle. In the no-huddle they rush back to the line and run up the middle with Jaylen Warren to convert!

On 1st and goal, Pickett complete to Diontae Johnson who caught the very high pass. On 2nd, Pickett threw to Najee Harris on the swing for a touchdown. 7-0 Steelers.

The Buccaneers start with the ball at their own 28 after a 27 yard return. On 1st down, Fournette rushed for 13 yards off left tackle.

On 1st, Brady passed to Fournette incomplete. On 2nd, a 20 yard completion to Mike Evans.

On the first two plays, Fournette rushed for 8 total yards. Tampa called a timeout before 3rd and short. A short pass to Rachaad White in the flat picked up three to convert.

Devin Bush brought down Fournette after the first down pass for five yards. Fournette up the middle the next play for 6 yards.

Now in the red zone, 1st and 10, Brady took a deep shot to Cameron Brate, but it fell incomplete. Myles Jack got a finger on the ball to effect the throw. 2nd and 10, another incompletion to White. Brady incomplete to Godwin on 3rd. The field goal is good. 7-3 Steelers.

Steven Sims returned the ball to just the 13 yard line. Bad starting position for Pickett and the Steelers offense. Najee Harris rushed for 3 yards on 1st down. Pickett called a timeout, something must have been aligned incorrectly. On 2nd and 7, incomplete to Diontae Johnson. On 3rd, Pickett tried to escape pressure and took a 12 yard sack.

Pressley Harvin is going to be punting deep in his own end zone. He manages a 52 yard punt, but Tampa still starts near the 50 yard line.

On 1st and 10, Brady incomplete to Chris Godwin. He threw the ball away. A false start backs it up to 2nd and 15. Chris Godwin gains that back and then some with a 22 yard reception.

1st and 10, White received the 8 yard pass. Fournette picked up 4. Just outside the redzone, the Buccaneers will have a first down after the break.


On 1st and 10, Brady hit Mike Evans in the middle of the field for a 10 yard gain.

On 1st and 10, Fournette rushed for just one brought down by Myles Jack and Devin Bush. On 2nd, Brady complete to Russell Gage for an 11 yard gain.

1st and goal from the three yard line. Fournette rushed for two yards. 2nd and goal from 1, Larry Ogunjobi darted into the backfield to tackle for a loss of 3. 3rd and goal from the 4, Brady was sacked for a loss of five by Cameron Heyward. Ending his dry spell with a big time sack on Brady. The field goal is good. 7-6 Steelers.

That was a huge effort by the defense on the goal line. Seven shots coming in handy there.

Steven Sims brought the kickoff out to the 19 yard line.

Kenny Pickett scrambled for a gain of 6 on first down. Najee Harris ripped off a 14 yard run off right tackle on 2nd.

On 1st, George Pickens went around left end for one yard. That is the third different receiver being used in the run game so far today by Matt Canada. On 2nd and 9, Diontae Johnson went left end. Mason Cole was injured on the play. Cole got up and walked a little gingerly off the field.

Complete to Chase Claypool to convert on 3rd and 4, a gain of 6.

Mason Cole checked back in for 1st down. Najee rushed for three and caught the ball for just 1 yard on the first two plays. He checked out for 3rd down. Jaylen Warren in for 3rd, Pickett complete to Diontae Johnson for 9 yards. Great placement for Pickett and a good job with his hands and feet by Diontae.

Kevin Dotson was called for the hold. 1st and 20, Pickett incomplete to George Pickens. On 2nd, a short completion to Diontae Johnson for 5 yards. 3rd and 15 upcoming. Not quite in field goal range, but they could be with about 10 yards on this play. Zach Gentry caught the 3rd down pass for a gain of just 4. Decision time for Tomlin. It would be a 54 yard field goal. Steelers had to burn a timeout because the field goal unit wasn’t complete. Boswell nails the crossbar and goes through for the 55 yarder. 10-6 Steelers.

Larry Ogunjobi blew up the first down run for no gain. On 2nd down, complete to Mike Evans for 8 yards. Stopped by James Pierre and Myles Jack. On 3rd and 2, Brady incomplete to Chris Godwin. The punt goes 47 yards and Steven Sims returns it 6 yards to the 26. The Steelers have a big opportunity here to extend their lead before regaining the ball next half.

Harris rushed for two yards on first down. Pickett had all kinds of time, but nobody open down field so he threw the ball away. On 3rd and 8, Pickens targeted, but not open along the sideline. Punt coming.

A nice 53 yard punt by Harvin and Marcus Allen’s tackle downs the ball at the 25 yard line.

On 1st and 10, a complete pass to Mike Evans for 8 yards.


On 1st and 10, Alex Highsmith with the strip sack, but recovered by Chris Godwin. 2nd and 19, Fournette picked up 8 through the air. Incomplete pass on 3rd to Perriman. James Pierre with good defense there in the secondary.

Kenny Pickett threw the ball away on 1st down. Najee Harris tackled for no gain on 2nd. On 3rd, Najee Harris off left tackle for just 1 yard. Boos raining down on the field.

An average punt for Harvin, just 44 yards. Returned five yards to around the 50 yard line. 00:23 remaining in the half.

A 15 yard pass by Brady to Chris Godwin and they run up to kill the clock. 2nd and 10 on the 36 yard line with 00:10 remaining. Incomplete deep to Mike Evans. The field goal is good. 10-9 Steelers.


Join us for the second half here.

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