Steelers Offense Has Confidence In Mitch Trubisky, Needs To Establish Identity, According To Mason Cole

Through two games of the 2022 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense has scored just two touchdowns.

While the group is in a bit of a transition overall, two touchdowns in two games simply isn’t going to cut it under second-year offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Frustration from some key members of the offense seems to be mounting, but according to new starting center Mason Cole, there’s still confidence in Trubisky as the starting quarterback from everyone on the offense. It’s just about the group overall establishing an identity, which they haven’t been able to do to this point in the season.

Hearing those comments, that could sound like it’s directed at Canada, for that isn’t the case from Cole. He stated to reporters from inside the locker room at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on Monday that establishing an identity offensively is on the 11 players on the field, not the coaches, according to video via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Chris Adamski.

“There’s always frustration when you’re not playing the way you want to be playing, but I don’t know what’s missing,” Cole said to reporters Monday, according to video via Adamski. “It just hasn’t been clicking the last couple weeks offensively for us. It’s our job to get it right.”

Later on in the same interview, Cole stated that the identity of the offense just isn’t there yet, which is a concern considering they’ve had all offseason, training camp and preseason to figure out what they want to be and who they want to be offensively. September games are essentially treated like more preseason games from the players and coaches as they continue to figure some things out, but not having an identity offensively in the second year under Canada is a major concern, even with some of the personnel changes.

“Part of our issue on offense is we have no identity. We need to search for an identity,” Cole added, according to a tweet from Adamski. 

Though there is no identity from the Steelers offense at the moment, which is a work in progress, per Cole, one thing they have as a unit is belief in Trubisky, regardless of how the fans may have reacted Sunday in the home opener, chanting for Kenny Pickett in the fourth quarter.

That probably ruffled some feathers for players and maybe affected Trubisky more than he let on, but Cole made it clear there’s belief in Trubisky within the room, where it matters most.

“There is no doubt in Mitch in this room,” Cole stated to reporters, according to a tweet from Adamski. “Fans are gonna do what they do but on this locker room no one is doubting Mitch.”

There might not be any doubt in Trubisky the player and the leader, but doubt has to be creeping in a bit with the offensive philosophy and execution at this point.

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