2022 Week 1 Steelers Vs Bengals Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

It was raining turnovers in Cincinnati in the first half, with Joe Burrow throwing three interceptions with another strip sack. The Pittsburgh Steelers are leading the Cincinnati Bengals at the half 17-6. While the score is nowhere near as lopsided as it should be given the turnovers, the Steelers offense has found some explosive plays and they managed to close out a red zone opportunity with a swing pass to Najee Harris.

The defensive stars performed well with Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cam Heyward, and TJ Watt all leaving their mark on this game so far.


On 1st and 10, Joe Mixon up the middle for 5 yards. On 2nd down, he was stuffed by Myles Jack for a loss. 3rd and 7, Joe Burrow evaded the sack, but Terrell Edmunds tackled him well short of the line to gain.

The punt pinned the Steelers deep. Nearly a safety on 1st down, but forward progress saved them. On 2nd, Najee Harris rushed for 9 yards. They converted to Chase Claypool on 3rd.

The next three plays resulted in -4 for the Steelers. 2nd and 3rd down were targets to George Pickens. The Steelers need a big punt here to try and flip the field a bit, otherwise the Bengals should have a great chance to make this a one possession game here.

Pressley Harvin’s punt went just 40 yards and wasn’t particularly high enough either as it was returned 10 yards. Cincinnati should have excellent position here.

On 1st and 10, Joe Mixon ran into a brick wall for just one yard. Mixon is holding his arm on the sideline, it looks like an elbow injury of sorts. Samaje Perine rushed for 4 yards on 2nd. Joe Burrow found Tyler Boyd wide open on 3rd for an easy conversion.

TJ Watt sacked Burrow on first down for a loss of 4 yards. Burrow found Chase for 24 yards, putting them well within the redzone.

1st and goal from the 4 yard line, Joe Mixon goes nowhere up the middle. On 2nd and goal, Burrow tried to scramble into the end zone. On 3rd, Burrow complete to Tyler Boyd for the touchdown. They went for two and succeed. 17-14 Steelers.

The Steelers offense must put a drive together. A three point game after four turnovers for the defense is unacceptable. The defense will start to get worn out with the time of possession battle significantly lopsided.

On 1st down, Mitch Trubisky sacked himself by running out of bounds. A loss of about 1 yard with defenders in pursuit.

Diontae Johnson caught the 2nd down pass for 7 yards. 3rd and 5, Trubisky scrambled for the first.

On 3rd down, Trubisky tried to scramble for the conversion again, but Dan Moore Jr. called for holding. 3rd and 16, Zach Gentry over the middle, but well short of the line to gain. Pressley Harvin’s punt was much better this time, pinning the Bengals at the 9 yard line.

On 1st down, Joe Mixon picked up three being brought down by Alex Highsmith.


A big sack on 2nd down by Cam Heyward and Alex Highsmith. Multi-sack games for both of them. 3rd and 14, Samaje Perine in the flat. He picked up 10, but not enough. The Steelers offense should have good field position after the punt. Gunner Olszewski returned the punt 20 yards to the 45 yard line. The Steelers start out in Bengals’ territory. They only need about 7-10 yards to get into field goal range for Chris Boswell.

On 1st and 10, Najee Harris picked up two yards on the ground. Diontae Johnson caught the 2nd down pass for a gain of 6. He fumbled, but recovered the ball. 3rd and 2. Center Mason Cole was injured on the play. He was one of the more stable players on the line, not great news.

J.C. Hassenauer in at center. 3rd and 2, a nice quick pass to Diontae Johnson. The Steelers are in field goal range now regardless of how the rest of this drive goes.

On 1st and 2nd down, incomplete passes intended for Freiermuth and then Diontae Johnson. On 3rd and 10, a pass deep in the middle of the field to Diontae Johnson, but it was incomplete. Trubisky under pressure there. A rough snap for Hassenauer, so the injury to Cole is already being felt. The field goal is good. 20-14 Steelers.

Tyler Boyd caught the pass on the free play with Highsmith jumping offsides, but Boyd looked a little shaken up on the play. The Bengals are in Steelers’ territory.

Robert Spillane was hurt on the play. 3rd and 6, incomplete with Cam Heyward forcing the awkward pass. A possible 54 yard field goal attempt here, but it looks like the Bengals might go for it.

Ahkello Witherspoon intercepted the pass on 4th down. He probably should have batted down the pass, but the Steelers have the ball nonetheless.

On 1st and 10, Najee Harris picked up 11 yards up the middle. The next play, Chase Claypool got the end around for a few yards. 2nd and 7, Trubisky dropped back, complete to George Pickens. That is his first NFL reception to set up 3rd and 4. Incomplete to Pat Freiermuth. An awful pass by Trubisky. Pressley Harvin III’s punt went too far resulting in a touchback.

Christian Kuntz was called for holding on the punt, so the long punt resulted in the Bengals starting on the 35. Its a 6 point game with 6:05 remaining.

Joe Burrow scrambled for about 23 yards to get the Bengals inside the red zone. On 1st down, the pass fell incomplete. On 2nd, Chris Wormley tackled Mixon for a loss, so 3rd and 11. Joe Burrow was sacked on the play, but defensive holding was called on Cameron Sutton.

Myles Jack with a nice pass deflection on 1st down. On 2nd down, Ja’Marr Chase on the crosser for 11 yards for a fresh set of downs.

Cam Sutton defended the pass on 1st down. It was borderline pass interference, but no call. On 2nd, Ja’Marr Chase caught the ball at the 1 yard line.

On 1st and goal from the half yard line, TJ Watt tackled Mixon for a small loss. Alex Highsmith walked off the
. It looks like his shoulder or arm was in limp. Malik Reed should be checking in here on the goal line. Cincinnati called timeout with 2:06 on the clock.

On 2nd down, Cam Sutton on an island versus Ja’Marr Chase and he defended it well. On 3rd down, Hayden Hurst tried caught the shovel pass, but was tackled short of the goal line.


A lot riding on this 4th down play. The Bengals can take the 1 point lead here, forcing the hapless Steelers offense to get into field goal range with little time remaining. Alternatively, the Steelers could essentially win the game on this play.

4th and goal from the two yard line, Cam Sutton elevated just enough to deflect the pass. Otherwise, it would have been a touchdown. Ja’Marr Chase called for taunting after the play. The Steelers get a little space to work with here. Huge mistake by Chase.

On 1st down, Najee Harris was stuffed behind the line of scrimmage. He appeared to be holding his foot after the play. Trubisky’s pass was batted down at the line of scrimmage on 2nd down. 3rd and 12, Chase Claypool with the end around for just a few yards. Barely any clock killed. Disaster for the Steelers.

A good punt by Pressley Harvin is much needed here. A 45 yard punt with a 4 yard return. 1:27 remaining in the game. The defense needs to close the game out, as they have needed to carry the team the entire game.

The Bengals are driving down the field, but the clock is working against them here. Ja’Marr Chase got them to the Pittsburgh 17 yard line before the Bengals called their last timeout.

TJ Watt sacked Joe Burrow, but was called for illegal hands to the face. He also was injured on the play. Looked like his pectoral or shoulder.

On 1st and 10, Burrow threw the ball away. On 2nd, the pass fell incomplete, but a penalty is down on the field. Looks like pass interference. Minkah Fitzpatrick called for unnecessary roughness. Minkah jarred the ball loose on the next play in what would have been a touchdown.

Pittsburgh called their 2nd timeout. 00:04 remaining, the last play about to be called. From the 6 yard line, Burrow looked right at Ja’Marr Chase. Touchdown. The extra point wins Cincinnati the game. Their backup long snapper is in after an injury to their starter.

The snap was not awful, but Minkah Fitzpatrick deflected the PAT. This game is headed to overtime.


The Steelers won the coin toss and elected to receive. Not sure if I like that, but the poor defense needs a rest. To me, the best route of winning this game was winning the drive on defense and then sneaking in a Boswell field goal.

Najee Harris is out for this overtime, but Mason Cole is back. On 1st, Jaylen Warren picked up two or three yards. 2nd and 8, Pat Freiermuth picked up 5 yards to set up 3rd and short. The Steelers dialed up a deep pass to Chase Claypool. It should have been caught, but he was unable to secure. Pressley Harvin’s punt was very good when it was needed most.

Cincinnati on their own 25 yard line. Ahkello Witherspoon called for pass interference. Mixon tackled behind the line of scrimmage on 1st down after the penalty. Alex Highsmith is back in the game as well. 2nd and 11, an easy conversion for Samaje Perine with a massive hole in the middle of the defense.

1st down, Hayden Hurst picked up 10 yards and another 1st down. On 1st, Joe Mixon stalled behind the line of scrimmage but found a hole for 7 yards. Mixon hobbled off the field. On 2nd, Devin Bush covered the wheel route well to force the incompletion. 3rd and 3 Hayden Hurst with a beautiful toe tap along the sideline.

The Bengals are in the red zone with an easy field goal ahead. Probably can’t count on special teams madness two times in a row. 2nd and 10, Drew Sample caught the pass in the flat for a couple yards. 3rd and 8, the Bengals go for the field goal. 29 yard attempt. The snap was very high and the field goal flew wide left.

On 1st down, Trubisky went deep to the left sideline. Diontae Johnson made an incredible one-handed catch. It was under review, but confirmed as a catch. That was some peak Antonio Brown toe tapping there.

A reverse end around picked up another first down for Chase Claypool.

The drive culminates in a 4th down at the 37 yard line. Chris Boswell gets an attempt from 55 yards out to win the game. The field goal attempt banged directly off the left upright. Overtime continues.

On 1st down, Joe Burrow was nearly sacked, but escaped for a 9 yard scramble.


On 2nd and 1, Burrow under center took the ball up the middle himself. Demarvin Leal was injured on the play. The next play, Hayden Hurst picked up 6 yards. Cam Heyward down injured on this play. Pittsburgh charged a timeout for an injury within two minutes.

3rd and 4, Arthur Maulet caused the fumble on a strip sack, but Samaje Perine picked the ball up and ran for a handful of yards. Samaje Perine isn’t able to advance the ball on a fumble, so its 4th and 16. The punt resulted in a touchback.

Mitch Trubisky and the Steelers’ offense somehow gets one more chance with 00:56 to go. They need one or two big plays to get into field goal range, but this is looking like a tie.

Diontae Johnson caught the ball just short of the 1st down. Pat Freiermuth caught the ball on a free play with the defender jumping offsides. He picked up 26 yards and the declined penalty acted as a a timeout.

On 1st down, a quick incompletion. Freiermuth picked up another 10 to get them in field goal range. With 00:08 remaining, the Steelers tried one last pass play. Probably ill-advised, but it went incomplete. Chris Boswell nailed the 53 yard field goal. Game.


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