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Trubisky Sees Pittsburgh As A ‘Family Vibe Organization’ Compared To Chicago & Buffalo

Whether you are a player, coach, executive, or fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the ties to the team run deep. Steeler Nation is often regarded as some of the most passionate, diehard fan bases in all of sports, having dedicated Steelers fans all over the country and even outside of the United States. Pittsburgh is often referred to as a family-like atmosphere by their players and coaching staff, which only makes sense given the Steelers have been a family-run organization since its creation in 1933, staying within the Rooney family for 89 years as the Rooneys have had their hand in all levels of the organization, nurturing it to become one of the most successful franchises in the National Football League.

According to new Steelers QB Mitch Trubisky, that is the key difference in Pittsburgh compared to his previous stops with the Chicago Bears and the Buffalo Bills since he entered the league in 2017.

Appearing as a guest on the Not Just Football With Cam Heyward podcast, Trubisky spoke with Heyward and Najee Harris about his free agency process this spring, stating that Pittsburgh was where he wanted to be. When asked by Heyward what the difference was between Pittsburgh and the previous teams he had played for, Trubisky referenced that family atmosphere that has separated the Steelers franchise from other franchises across the league.

“I would say it’s a family vibe organization,” Trubisky said. “They take care of the players, and it’s very transparent with communication and just what what’s expected here. It’s a winning tradition and it’s really about football. And I mean, the fans are amazing. You come here and they want you to be the best football player you can be to make the best football team you could possibly be. So, it’s very, it’s very focused, very driven. And I think it starts at Coach T and it comes down and the Rooney family. It starts with them, and it goes all the way down to everyone. You’re a part of great organization and they care about you.”

These are glowing remarks from Mitch Trubisky who started his career with the Chicago Bears after the team elected to select him #2 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. A one-year starter at the University of North Carolina, Trubisky was thrown into the fire relatively early his rookie season, being forced to learn on the fly under HC Matt Nagy, who rotated through offensive play-callers and schemes that seemed to impact the young QB’s development. Trubisky led Chicago to the playoffs in two of his four seasons with the team, but failed to meet the lofty expectations that came with the #2 overall selection, and was let loose after Nagy was fired.

Trubisky found himself taking a one-year deal with the Bills last season, becoming the primary backup to QB Josh Allen, where he would sit and learn under the guidance of new Giants HC Brian Daboll. When he got the chance to find an opportunity to compete for a starting job this offseason, Trubisky opted to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers, calling it a great opportunity to play for a successful franchise rich in tradition and history.

Trubisky hasn’t been shy since signing with the Steelers to speak about the dysfunction in the Bears organization, calling the team “misled” at times by the previous coaching staff and the front office that forced him into a box and to play the game Nagy and the coaching staff planned for him rather than playing free.

Trubisky understands what it’s like to be a part of an unstable organization that rules out of fear than of love. That resulted in the whole staff in Chicago getting the boot this offseason, and Trubisky opting to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are one of the most stable franchises in all professional sports. He sees a family dynamic to the organization that he didn’t have before, and appreciates the opportunity to play under Coach Tomlin, who wants all the QBs to play free and showcase their leadership qualities as they compete for the starting job.

It remains to be seen whether the change of scenery will resurrect Trubisky’s career, but we can be certain that Trubisky believes wholeheartedly that he is in a better place now than where he started his NFL journey.


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