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Steelers 2022 Training Camp Diary: Day Ten

The Pittsburgh Steelers have gotten really good at being light on their feet when it comes to altering their training camp schedule. Another change today with the team bumping up its 1:55 practice to 10:30 AM to beat the rain and storms. A wise decision. Dark clouds rolled in as soon as practice wrapped up. Let’s talk about what happened Tuesday morning.

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Camp Notes (Day Ten)

– Injury roundup: Not practicing today in any capacity included: RB Mataeo Durant (undisclosed), WR Diontae Johnson (hip), EDGE Alex Highsmith (ribs), EDGE Genard Avery (groin), TE Zach Gentry (undisclosed), LB Ulysees Gilbert III (right foot), LB Marcus Allen (hamstring), FB Derek Watt (shoulder), and OG Kevin Dotson (right ankle). I didn’t even see Highsmith, Avery, Watt, or Dotson on the field for today’s practice. They may have still been getting worked on in the trainer’s room. Durant seemed a little hobbled yesterday so not shocked he didn’t work today.

NT Tyson Alualu and S Miles Killebrew continued to work only in individual sessions. Good news on the Najee Harris front. He didn’t work in team but had pads on and went through the individual portion of practice. He’s working his way back. DL Larry Ogunjobi continued to run in team, too so he’s good after his first full day back. NT Montravius Adams got hurt in the run session. Mike Tomlin called it an ankle. So interior DL getting a little thin when it comes to 11v11 work. TE Pat Freiermuth (hamstring) worked in full today so that’s good news.

– Watching some very early special teams work. QB Mitch Trubisky and WR Gunner Olszewski holding. So if you want an emergency holder assuming it’s not a QB, as was the case last year, Olszewski or Cam Sutton seem like the choices.

– Minkah Fitzpatrick working full but still getting his right wrist taped up by head trainer John Norwig prior to practice getting going.

– Despite the late time change, it was still a solid crowd on-hand today. I’ve been to early practices before and basically been one of a handful of people there. The bleachers were relatively full today. Steelers’ fans happy camp is back at Latrobe.

– In WR individual work, Frisman Jackson and Blaine Stewart have been splitting the receivers into two groups, similar to how Pat Meyer and Isaac Williams do it along the offensive line.

– Some field goal kicking today but I always have a tough angle to see it. Chris Boswell pushed one from 50 wide left. Cameron Nizilaek had a nice hold on a high snap from LS Christian Kuntz.

– Not as much to note pre-practice today so let’s jump into team sessions.

First Team Session (Seven Shots)

1. Benny Snell in at RB. Kendrick Green running first-team left guard. Mitch Trubisky in at QB. 11 personnel grouping of Chase Claypool in the slot, George Pickens the X, Anthony Miller the X. T.J. Watt and Derrek Tuszka at OLB, Minkah Fitzpatrick and Terrell Edmunds as the safety pairing. Larry Ogunjobi and Cam Heyward first team nickel as the DTs.

Snell carry over right guard. Robert Spillane and Terrell Edmunds combine to stop Snell short of the goal line. Hey, a Terrell Edmunds note about his play – haven’t had many of those this summer.

2. 12 personnel. Snell on the carry again in this live-tackle situation. Line gets a good push and Snell falls/dives over the goal line. Mason Cole on the ground and a little slow to get up but he’d be fine.

3. Pickens now working in the slot with Claypool as the Z receiver. Pat Freiermuth backside tight end in 12 personnel. Nice touch throw by Mitch Trubisky, floating this pass over the more underneath Ahkello Witherspoon and Chase Claypool makes the catch in the back right corner of the end zone for the score.

4. “Need some energy this morning,” a coach yelled out to the group. Trubisky still in at QB. Pickens goes in motion right to left. Trubisky boots left, looks to throw, finds nothing, and tucks and runs untouched and into the end zone.

5. Kenny Pickett in at QB. Throw right corner for Gunner Olszewski falls incomplete with Karl Joseph covering.

6. Henry Mondeaux and Isaiahh Loudermilk the DT pairing. Delontae Scott at LOLB with newly signed Ron’Dell Carter at ROLB. Jaylen Warren in at RB. Pickett under center. Playfake to Warren and Pickett smoothly and quickly boots to the right, hitting a wide open Warren in the right flat for the score.

7. Mason Rudolph getting a rep. Miles Boykin and Anthony Miller on the outside with Gunner Olszewski in the slot. Jace Sternberger the Y tight end. Quick slant from Rudolph hits Boykin who boxes out James Pierre for the TD.

– I have offense winning this one 4-3. I’ve said this many times before but I give play #4, the Trubisky TD run, a win/point for the defense. You make the QB run, a guy who can’t be touched in practice, then your defense has done your job. Offense shouldn’t get free points when they have all the other advantages. That’s how I’ve been scoring seven shots for years and that’s how I’m going to keep it. 4-3 win for the offense.

– WR vs DB 1v1 log.

WR/DB 1v1

1. George Pickens with a backshoulder catch against Cam Sutton but I only saw him get one foot down so it goes down as incomplete.

2. Nice box out by Chase Claypool on Levi Wallace on a similar backshoulder throw. This time a catch.

3. Not a 1v1 but the drill mixed in some 3v3 route matching. Kevin Rader had a good fight with CB Linden Stephens on the goal line. Stephens didn’t give up and ripped the ball out at the end. “Good fight!” Tomlin called out and then got on Rader a bit for giving up the catch. Rader responded with a good catch later in the session.

4. Anthony Miller on a comeback in the end zone but the throw is off-line and in front and incomplete against James Pierre.

5. Nice breakup on this out route run by Anthony McFarland with Robert Spillane getting his left hand in there and batting it away. “Kill all linebackers, Ant Mac” Tomlin called out to McFarland, a line he repeated several times. McFarland is a good athlete and should win these matchups routinely.

6. McFarland and Spillane go again. Hard collision as they meet and McFarland squirms free to break inside and make the catch but I thought Spillane did well here considering the circumstances.

7. Jace Sternberger crosses Damontae Kazee’s face and makes the catch on a slant with Kazee’s diving attempt missing.

8. They go again and Kazee steps up, high-pointing and breaking up this fade for Sternberger.

9. One more time. Sternberger and Kazee are locked up five yards into the route. Sternberger with a push-off that puts Kazee into the ground and Sternberger makes the catch but I’d call this OPI.

10. Tyler Snead made a nice snag in the back right corner in a 3v3 rep.

11. Kenny Pickett throws a good ball and hits Anthony Miller on a fade in the back left corner against Justin Layne.

12. Ball comes out before Connor Heyward’s out of his break and this pass is incomplete. Karl Joseph covering.

13. Good slant route by Cody White to beat James Pierre and White makes the catch.

14. Pierre with a decent jam into White but White eventually gets free and makes the grab.

15. Sternberger and Joseph lock up but Joseph ends up knocking this ball away.

16. Claypool beats Layne vertically and makes the catch, pretty wide open, down the left sideline of the end zone.

17. Another 3v3 moment that caught my eye. Steven Sims made a catch on a crosser just inside the goal line but Minkah Fitzpatrick drove a shoulder hard into Sims, sending him to the ground. Sims got up but T.J. Watt was right next to him and with Sims just standing there, Watt swatted the ball out of Sims’ hand. Sims kinda just stood there and threw up his arms, maybe a little annoyed from getting pushed around by the Steelers’ stars. But hey, Sims made the catch so he gets the biggest laugh.

18. McFarland splits out against Devin Bush. Throw is in front and off-line and the pass is incomplete with McFarland not having much of a shot at it.

19. George Pickens versus Cam Sutton. Plucks the ball away from Sutton on a fade attempt that Pickens went up for. Hits the Griddy in the back of the end zone as Sutton walks away.

20. They go again. And get the same result. Spinning, twisting catch and plucks it away from Sutton. Hits The Griddy Again. 1v1 but they were great grabs by Pickens who showcased his ability to find, track, and pluck the football in contested situations.

21. Nice release by Connor Heyward to swim Robert Spillane but Spillane doesn’t give up. Heyward runs to the right corner and Spillane gets back in-phase, not turning his head back and letting Heyward take him to the ball. Finishes it with a great breakup down through the hands for the breakup. Textbook recovery.

22. Chase Claypool catches a fade against James Pierre.

– Here’s OL/DL from later in the day.

OL/DL 1v1

1. Cam Heyward with a good push to get past Dan Moore Jr. Power/push-pull type of move.

2. Larry Ogunjobi runs Kendrick Green back, who gets put on skates and is losing his footing, sliding backwards as Ogunjobi takes control.

3. Nice rep by Mason Cole who mirrors Henry Mondeaux.

4. Chris Wormley with a powerful punch to jolt James Daniels back and Wormley rips through very late in the rush.

5. Chukwuma Okorafor mirrors and easily wins against Delontae Scott.

6. Good bull by Heyward to run Moore Jr. backwards.

7. Another good bull by Heyward on Moore, flashing his muscle.

8. Isaiahh Loudermilk rips through Kendrick Green late. Green ends up with a knee on the ground.

9. Better job here by Green to anchor and sit on Loudermilk’s bull rush.

10. Mason Cole absorbs against Henry Mondeaux’s bull rush.

11. James Daniels wins the rep against DeMarvin Leal, who got a little overextended and fell to the ground.

12. Okorafor locks up Delontae Scott. Okorafor getting a break from T.J. Watt today and looking better.

13. Mondeaux with an outside spin/swipe to get past Joe Haeg at a left tackle alignment.

14. Khalil Davis with a great bull rush, literally running over J.C. Hassenauer as he goes to the ground.

15. Hassenauer saves face and wins against K. Davis, who gets turned and Hassenauer smushes him into the ground.

16. A good battle between Hassenauer and Davis again. Davis showed power on his punch to jolt Hassenauer back.

17. Doug Costin with a late discard to the inside against Nate Gilliam.

18. Late rip by Carlos Davis gets past John Leglue but Leglue did well here.

19. Davis better with a great spin move to easily get past Leglue.

20. Leal loses his balance and falls against Trent Scott.

21. Leal’s bull rush is stalled out by Scott. Cam Heyward talked to Leal after to offer a few pointers.

22. Joe Haeg stalls out Derrek Tuszka’s bull rush.

23. Khalil Davis and J.C. Hassenauer again. Hassenauer with a quick and forceful punch to win early and knock Davis off-balanced and down.

24. Khalil Davis with a quick swim over Hassenauer and Hassenauer’s helmet comes off.

25. One more rep. Call it a draw between Davis and Hassenauer, who were practically wrestling at this point and forgetting about the football aspect of it.

Second Team Session

1. Ball on the opposing 42. Green at LG. Trubisky at QB. Snell at RB. Devin Bush/Myles Jack the ILB pairing. Chris Wormley-Montravius Adams-Cam Heyward the down front. Ahkello Witherspoon at LCB, Cam Sutton at RCB. Terrell Edmunds/Damontae Kazee the safety pairing. Minkah Fitzpatrick 30 yards back, on one knee, watching. George Pickens and Chase Claypool the two WRs in 12 personnel, including Pat Freiermuth being out there. George Pickens quick jet run left side. Has some room before Myles Jack makes an ankle tackle as Pickens falls hard forward for a gain of 12.

2. T.J. Watt not happy with that first rep. “Let’s Go!” he says as he claps his hands together getting set for the next play. Claypool and Anthony Miller and Calvin Austin III the three receivers on the field. Austin in the slot. Snell run right side. Arthur Maulet comes off the edge and makes the tackle for a gain of one. “Way to go, Art” one player and several others call out to Maulet, who is having a nice camp.

3. Levi Wallace in at RCB. Jaylen Warren run left side with James Daniels pulling across. Gain of three. Devin Bush and others in on the stop.

4. Larry Ogunjobi working in team. Trubisky still in at QB. Anthony McFarland carry with an unblocked T.J. Watt charging hard backside and making the stop for two with a pretty hard collision.

5. Second-team offensive line of: Joe Haeg-J.C. Hassenauer-Nate Gilliam-John Leglue-Trent Scott. Pony grouping with McFarland and Warren. Warren with a great run, best of the day, breaking multiple tacklers and dragging defenders down to the 15. A 25-yard run with Warren showing his bowling bowl ability to run through tackles. He doesn’t go around. He runs through.

6. With lines thin, Warren back in there. Carry for three before being tackled by Delontae Scott. “I see you 5-0” Tomlin called out to Scott, who continues to have a nice camp.

7. Warren carry again and again, it’s Scott in on the stop at the line of scrimmage.

8. Linden Stephens and James Pierre the outside CBs. Buddy Johnson and Ulysees Gilbert III the ILB pairing. Master Teague in the backfield. 12 personnel. Teague makes a man miss in the backfield but gets hit hard by Mark Robinson after a gain of one.

9. Stephens and Chris Steele the outside CBs. Third-team offensive line of: Jordan Tucker-Chris Owens-John Leglue-Chaz Green-Jake Dixon. Kenny Pickett in at QB. Teague up the middle. Ron’Dell Carter from his LOLB spot and runs around the edge to wrap Master Teague up from behind for a gain of two.

10. 12 personnel with Kevin Rader and Pat Freiermuth the two TEs. Don’t have the RB here but Carlins Platel comes in and makes the tackle at the line of scrimmage. Either Warren or Teague had the carry but I’m not sure.

11. Doug Costin and Donovan Jeter the two DTs. Warren in the backfield. Teague carry right side. Carter gets off Jake Dixon’s block and makes the tackle at the line. A nice session for Carter in his second day with the team and first working in full.

12. Justin Layne and Carlins Platel the outside CBs. Buddy Johnson free and finds Master Teague in the lane. Teague has good size and is able to spin out of it but he only gains a yard before the defense swarms and takes him down.

Third Team Session

1. Third down session. “We are playing for a line to gain and I want to feel it,” Mike Tomlin yells out to the whole group before the offense huddles up. Larry Ogunjobi and Cam Heyward the DTs. Mitch Trubisky in at QB. Derrek Tuszka in at RDE. Ball on the offense’s 29. Trubisky boots to the left. Tuszka is free for a would-be sack but lets Trubisky free. Nothing open for him and he tucks and runs downfield.

2. Robert Spillane and Myles Jack the ILB pairing. Ahkello Witherspoon and Levi Wallace as the outside corners with Cam Sutton in the slot. Minkah Fitzpatrick and Terrell Edmunds the safety pairing. Gunner Olszewski aligned in the slot, Chase Claypool the Z, George Pickens the X. Trubisky looks for Pickens on a curl but he’s tangled up with Wallace and the ball seemed to come out late. Wallace easily bats it away, incomplete.

3. Dime package with Jack the lone ILB. Tre Norwood coming on as the dime, 6th DB. Same DB pairings otherwise: Witherspoon, Wallace, Sutton slot, Fitzpatrick/Edmunds. Trubisky and Pickens link up again, this time complete, for a 13-yard catch working on Wallace. Went back to a similar route/play and connected this time.

4. Trubisky still in at QB, Anthony McFarland in at RB. Trubisky finds Pickens again on a slant, beating Wallace inside for an eight-yard gain. Pickens trips and falls at the end but he was ok.

5. Linden Stephens at LCB, James Pierre RCB, Arthur Maulet in the slot. Mason Rudolph in the game. Empty set. Pony grouping. Rudolph throw right side to Calvin Austin clips off his hand and incomplete. Not an easy catch but catchable and I’ll put it as a drop. Stephens with the coverage.

6. Devin Bush and Myles Jack the ILB pairing. Rudolph’s throw is off the mark, thrown inside as Anthony Miller wants it outside on his curl, and the pass hits off James Pierre who didn’t see it coming out of his break to try and drive on the throw. Incomplete.

7. Pierre and Steele on the outside with Maulet in the slot. Pickett in at QB. Throw right sideline looks solid but Pierre times it and jumps it and picks it in diving fashion, a great play by Pierre.

8. Quick throw left flat for a gain of one to TE Kevin Rader. Carlins Platel with the tag. Like the effort by DeMarvin Leal who runs Rader down to tag him up. Finishing the play and these big Steelers’ linemen gotta chase the ball.

9. Leglue in at center. Johnson and Robinson the ILB pairing. Tuzar Skipper late to get on the field at ROLB and the coaches blow the whistle to reset things. Costin and Khlail Davis the DTs, Donovan Stiner and Karl Joseph the safeties. McFarland open in the left flat and nets 13. Defensive breakdown and no one carried the flat. “Young guys are killing us. You gotta communicate” one of the vets on the sideline said to the young DBs who blew a coverage.

10. Justin Layne now in at RCB opposite Linden Stephens. Pickett throw over the middle is slightly off the mark, a little out in front, and clips off Tyler Snead’s hand and incomplete. Karl Joseph nearly picked it off but the ball hit the ground on the way down.

11. Delontae Scott and Ron’Dell Carter the EDGE pairing. Mason Rudolph in at QB. Rudolph under immediate pressure, so much so it looked like a screen pass but it wasn’t, with Doug Costin barreling down on him. Forces a quick throw for Connor Heyward over the middle but he’s not out of his break in time as the ball gets to him. Mark Robinson on the coverage.

12. Rudolph throws deep but it hangs in the air. Underneath CB can’t find the ball and Miles Boykin works back for it and makes the grab for about a 30-yard gain, though it looks better on the “box score” than it did watching it in real-life.

Fourth Session

1. Ball on the offense’s 47. Trubisky in at QB, Playaction and looks for Chase Claypool on a ten-yard curl right side. Pass sails and is incomplete with Claypool not having a chance to nab it. Ahkello Witherspoon covering.

2. Henry Mondeaux running 1st team NT with Tyson Alualu still not working full and Montravius Adams hurt. Bush and Jack the ILBs with Witherspoon and Sutton the CBs. Watt and Tuszka the OLBs. Screen left complete to Rader for six. Cam Heyward charging hard and tackles Rader from behind in this normally no-tackling session.

3. Witherspoon and Wallace on the outside with Maulet in the slot. Benny Snell carry right side. Robert Spillane comes off a block and thuds him for just a gain of two.

4. Ball now on the defense’s 49. 11 personnel. Mason Rudolph screen right to Connor Heyward. Spillane sees it and is quick to him for a loss of one, allowing Heyward to run past as James Pierre gives him a thud at the end, though Pierre took the worst of it.

5. Offensive line of: Chaz Green-Nate Gilliam-J.C. Hassenauer-John Leglue-Joe Haeg. Spillane making another play, shooting a gap and blowing up this Jaylen Warren run for two.

6. Kenny Pickett in the game. Playaction. Looked like Steven Sims was open deep down the left side but and Pickett saw it but decided against it. Hung in the pocket too long and spun around before scrambling.

7. Pickett now under center. Bad exchange with J.C. Hassenauer with the ball on the ground. Pickett picks it up and tries to hand the ball off to Warren but the play is basically dead and whistles blow.

8. Toss to Master Teague right side. Gain of four. Not sure who had the stop here. Cody White and and Chris Steele get all tangled up and are still locked up at the end of a run with a coach trying to diffuse the situation, repeating “Listen, listen, listen.” No punches thrown, just a minor dustup but White and Steele are grabbing each other’s facemasks until they get separated.

9. Mason Rudolph in at QB. Teague carry for no gain, Karl Joseph flying hard and tagging him up.

10. Kenny Pickett in at QB. Justin Layne and Chris Steele the CBs. Karl Joseph and Donovan Stiner the safety pairing. Shotgun snap but John Leglue skips it to Pickett and gets about halfway there. Another dead play and Leglue is pulled out of the drill, replaced by Nate Gilliam.

11. Pickett playaction. Takes a shot deep down the left sideline but Chris Steele is covering Tyler Vaughns well and breaks the pass up incomplete.

Fifth Team Session

1. High red zone drill with some “mayday” field goals sprinkled in, too. Ball on the defense’s 24. Larry Ogunjobi and Cam Heyward the DT pairing. Gunner Olszewski, Chase Claypool, and George Pickens the WRs. Kevin Rader the Y tight end. Benny Snell the RB. Claypool in the slot. 24 yard TD over the middle from Trbuisky to Pickens on a well-thrown ball, though there was a FS that didn’t charge super hard in this non-tackling session. But a good throw from Trubisky.

2. Snell up the middle for four. Split backfield with Connor Heyward there too and leading the way on the run.

3. Witherspoon and Sutton the CBs. Calvin Austin and George Pickens the two WRs. Trubisky looks left and comes back right to look for Anthony McFarland on a wheel route. Throw off the mark and McFarland’s outstretched hand can’t make what would be a very tough play. Spillane covering and the pass is incomplete.

4. Ball now on the defense’s five. Chris Wormley and Larry Ogunjobi the DTs. Trubisky throws left side but Myles Jack breaks the pass up in the end zone.

5. After a field goal, the second-team offense comes in. Mason Rudolph in at QB. Anthony Miller and Gunner Olszewski on the outside in 12 personnel. Jaylen Warren up the middle for nothing. Spillane yet again free.

6. Rudolph in the shotgun. Quick throw left side caught by Steven Sims for three with Karl Joseph applying the tag.

7. Now Kenny Pickett in the game. James Pierre at LCB, Levi Wallace RCB, Arthur Maulet in the slot. Pickett quick throw right flat complete to Warren for three. Jack on the covering and laughs with an audible, “Hah, hah” at Warren slipping as he tried to juke and duck Jack, who was closing quickly.

8. Pickett touchdown pass left side complete to Miles Boykin against Levi Wallace. Five-yard score.

9. Another field goal and then the third-team comes on. Pickett still at QB and gaining some extra reps here situationally. Justin Layne and Chris Steele the CBs. Pickett looks left side on a Y-stick but Buddy Johnson bats the ball away, tipped into the air and caught by Chris Steele for the INT.

10. Jet run left side by Sims. Three-yard gain. Nice push by Ron’Dell Carter now at ROLB, to keep Sims running laterally and wide.

11. Linden Stephens and Chris Steele the CBs. Mason Rudolph in at QB. Empty set and then a shift to under center. Ball on the defense’s ten. Rudolph has nothing there and climbs the pocket before taking off.

12. Donovan Jeter and Doug Costin the DTs. Stephens and Steele on the outside with Carlins Platel in the slot. WR Javon McKinley, haven’t mentioned his name much, is the X wide receiver. Cody White the F/slot with Tyler Vaughns the X. Rudolph playaction. Pocket collapses and Rudolph drifts back and back before firing for Jace Sternberger. But the pass is well out of the end zone and incomplete to end the day.

Camp Summary

– Best QB of the day was – easily – Mitch Trubisky. Most productive with some strong throws. TD to Pickens over the middle, a great touch throw to Chase Claypool in seven shots, and moved the ball most effectively. Mason Rudolph was just ok while Kenny Pickett threw a pair of interceptions, though his TD to Boykin was nice. But a good day for Trubisky, still the favorite to start. Defense had a lull without any/many interceptions but they got two today. Chris Steele the first man to double-digits.

– Jaylen Warren meets the challenge. Some down days but he bounces back. Him and Master Teague saw a ton of carries today. Today was the day of guys bouncing back. Kevin Rader bouncing back in 1v1, Damontae Kazee playing big in 1v1, things like that. Mike Tomlin has a great way to needle and push buttons in 1v1 to get guys to step up

– After a quiet first week, Miles Boykin has stepped up and made more plays. Still battling Anthony Miller while Cody White is being pushed backwards after starting camp running with the 1’s. Like I mentioned earlier, George Pickens really excels in those 1v1 situations.

– Mason Cole with a solid day. And at least he’s snapping well…something the others couldn’t do today. Sloppy few fays for exchanges and snaps. Not what I want to see a few days away from the first game.

– Carlos Davis and Khalil Davis will thrive this preseason. Two active DTs with good hand use and are quality athletes.

– Early results but like what I’m seeing from newly signed OLB Ron’Dell Carter in the run and pass game.

– No lie, I think ILB Robert Spillane had one of the best individual practices of any one player this training camp. He was everywhere today. Breakups in 1v1, shooting gaps to play up runs, diagnosing and blowing up screens. Really impressive day for him. He’s a lock to make this roster and it’s just a question of what kind of defensive role he could play.

– James Pierre is a gambler in coverage. Paid off today with a great pick of Pickett along the sideline.

– Not looking as good for Justin Layne. With the CB room and DB room overall getting healthy, he’s losing reps and splitting time at the back end of the cornerback room. James Pierre clearly ahead of him right now. Layne’s gotta do something to gain more reps and fast.

Saint Vincent Snapshot

A gaggle of WRs going through drills.

Twitter Camp Question

Wouldn’t hold your breath. I think they’re good with the group they have. They’re willing to turn to Robert Spillane if Devin Bush falters…or if Spillane continues to shine.

Random Steelers’ Fact

Pittsburgh’s best point differential season came in 1975 when they finished +211. Their worst PD came in 1965 when they finished -195. Just a decade separating their best and worst season.

George Carlin’s Quote Of The Day

“I’m happy to tell you there is very little in this world that I believe in.”

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