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Khan Acknowledges Other GMs Are ‘Absolutely’ Attempting To Take Advantage Of Him In First Season As GM

Everyone tries to take advantage of the new guy on the block.

If you’ve ever been the new kid at school or the new guy at work, you may have other students or co-workers come up to you and offer to help you in your transition. However, there are those that may say that they have those intentions, but instead want to exploit your newness in a certain setting to their advantage.

That is exactly what is happening to new Pittsburgh Steelers GM Omar Khan.

Appearing as a guest on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday, Khan was asked by McAfee and co-host A.J. Hawk about his new role as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ general manager as well as the ongoing QB competition and his relationships with Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert. When asked by McAfee if anyone else from other organizations are attempting to take advantage of him in his new role as a first-year GM of an NFL team, Khan leaves no doubt that several bad trade offers have been sent his way since taking the position.

“Absolutely people are testing,” Khan responded to McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show which aired live on YouTube. “There is no doubt about it. Without getting into names and specifics, 100% that’s happening.”

In a cutthroat business like the NFL where everyone is competing to keep their jobs, it’s understandable why some GMs may look to try Omar Khan and see if his inexperience at the position could land them an advantageous deal for themselves. However, Khan is no fool, having been under the guidance of Colbert since he arrived at the team in 2001. He has had the opportunity to see Colbert work for over 20 years, understanding how to properly construct a roster that can compete for a championship. Thus, getting duped by another GM isn’t something Khan feels inclined to do.

“Well, I do get the ‘Hey, I was thinking and looking at your roster and think this would be a good deal for you’,” Khan continued when asked by McAfee if other GMs are trying to convince him to take a trade.

Anyone who understands football to some extent likely can tell the difference between a good trade offer and a bad trade offer. You see this happen all the time amongst friends in fantasy football leagues as the savvy players will look to exploit the novice players and their lack of knowledge on the game, ripping them off in trades to strengthen their own teams whilst leaving the other team depleted of talent. That isn’t the case here, as while Khan may be a first-year GM, he has been in the NFL for over 25 years now, having ample experience in roster construction. Thus, Steelers fans can rest assured that Khan isn’t likely to be hoodwinked by opposing teams anytime soon despite being in a new role now in 2022.

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