2022 Preseason Game 3 Steelers Vs Lions Live Update And Discussion Thread – Second Half

The Pittsburgh Steelers hold a 16-0 lead going into the second half against the Detroit Lions. The offense sputtered most of the first half behind Mitch Trubisky, but he salvaged the half with an excellent two minute drill with multiple explosive pass plays.

Trubisky more than likely cemented his status as the week one starter in Cincinnati, but Kenny Pickett will get a rebuttal here to start the second half.

Injuries to a couple key Steelers’ starters are the main concern from the first half. Diontae Johnson (shoulder) and TJ Watt (knee) left the game banged up.

Great news on the injury front.

On 1st and 10, Jaylen Warren off right tackle for a loss of 1 yard. Pickett complete to Gunner Olszewski on a crosser for a first down, but a flag on the play. The flag was picked up, first down!

Warren off left tackle for 1 yard on 1st. Pickett complete to Steven Sims on 2nd for 3 yards. 3rd and 6 upcoming for Pickett. In shotgun, he rolled out to his right and threw the ball away. Offensive holding on the play, but declined. Kendrick Green called for the holding. Pressley Harvin’s punt was high in the air for 43 yards. Fair catch at the Detroit 15 yard line.

Justin Jackson rushed for 9 yards on 1st and 10. On 2nd, Jackson caught the dump off pass and ran for 32 yards. Damontae Kazee holding his wrist on the play after making the tackle.

Safety Depth has really taken a beating with Karl Joseph and now Kazee. Tre Norwood is going to be leaned on a lot this year.

Offsides and pass interference called on the Steelers. James Pierre tackled the receiver to prevent the possible touchdown.

1st and 10, Justin Jackson cut up the middle of the defense for 8 yards. Derrek Tuszka batted the ball down on 2nd, so its now 3rd and 2. Demarvin Leal batted the pass at the line of scrimmage this time. Steelers defensive line is coached really well and executing at a high level. The field goal was good. 16-3 Steelers.

Anthony McFarland Jr. returned the kickoff 23 yards to the 31 yard line. Kenny Pickett takes the field again. McFarland received the screen pass on 1st down for 7 yards. He rushed the ball on 2nd down for 4 yards and a fresh set of downs.

Miles Boykin caught the 1st down pass from Pickett for 7 yards. Quick and accurate decisions by Pickett.  Snell picked up 8 yards through contact on 2nd.

On 1st and 10, Snell picked up 3 yards to the left end. Kenny Pickett complete to Miles Boykin for 29 yards. Beautiful placement and a great adjustment by Boykin.

The drive stalled out deep in the red zone. Another Boswell field goal, and this one was blocked.

The Steelers defense held strong and the punting unit is coming on the field for Detroit.

Kenny Pickett back out on the field for this drive. On 1st and 10, Warren picked up just 1 on the ground. 2nd and 9, Kenny Pickett placed a very accurate high and away ball to Tyler Vaughns for 17 yards.

On 1st and 10, Warren picked up 5 yards on the ground. McFarland checked into the game on 2nd and managed just two. 3rd and 3, Pickett complete to Cody White for 6 yards. Pickett is elevating the play of those around him. He has been extremely accurate and the game already seems slow for him. He doesn’t seem to panic very often.

Pickett complete to Vaugns again on the left hash for 7 yards.


Snell picked up 8 yards between 2nd and 3rd down, good enough to convert.

On 1st and 10, Pickett incomplete intended for Tyler Vaughns. The ball was placed perfectly, but Vaughns couldn’t complete the catch. 2nd and 10, Tyler Snead couldn’t quite run under Pickett’s deep ball. 3rd and 10, Connor Heyward tackled at the line of scrimmage. Boswell good from 54 yards out. 19-3 Steelers.

A big hold on the left side for Craig Reynolds on 1st down. He was able to rush for 16 yards.

Pass interference called on Detroit to make it 2nd and 20. David Blough complete to Alexander for 18. 3rd and 2 upcoming. The 3rd down pass was complete for 8 yards.

The Lions are driving down the field and getting a good look at their backup QB competition. This could be important for the Steelers as Mason Rudolph is likely on his way out via a trade.

On 4th down the Lions opted to go for the touchdown to keep themselves in the game, but it fell incomplete.

Mason Rudolph checking into the game. Two rushes on the first two plays of the series netting 0 yards. 3rd and 10 for Rudolph, targeted Vaughns. Pass interference, so Rudolph will get a fresh set of downs.

Three straight incomplete passes and Pressley Harvin III is out to punt. 56 yards on the booming punt.

Demarvin Leal in for the tackle on 1st and 10 for a loss of 4 yards. Mark Robinson tackled the catch on 2nd to set up 3rd and 9. The pass was complete, but picked up just 4 yards. 4th and 5, going for it, but a false start. 4th and 10, Blough was nearly sacked and underhand tossed the ball to Igwebuike for 15 yards.

Another 4th down opportunity for the Steelers depth defenders. 4th and 7, Blough with a great toss to Benson. Also a roughing the passer on the play. Carlos Davis called for the flag.

Incomplete on 1st down. On 2nd, Blough complete to Kennedy for 2 yards. 3rd and 8, and another incomplete pass. This drive is going to be at least 15 plays with a 4th and 8 opportunity. On 4th, Elijah Riley deflected the pass. Carlins Platel was injured on the play and a penalty called on Hamilcar Rashed.

On the 16th play of the drive with 00:41 remaining, 1st down, Blough incomplete with Riley in coverage. 2nd and goal, Blough flipped the ball into the endzone for the touchdown, but he may have been past the line of scrimmage when he tossed the ball. The flag was for roughing the passer instead. Touchdown stands. They go for the two point conversion, but it fell incomplete. 19-9 Steelers.

Mason Rudolph will presumably get another few plays here to close out the game. It could also very well be his final snaps as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Detroit Lions recovered the onside kick. The likely exhausted defense goes right back onto the field.

With 00:29 on the clock, Blough’s first down pass deep to the right fell incomplete. Khalil Davis with the hit as he threw the ball and Blough came up a little gimpy. On 2nd and 10, Blough scrambled and slid for about 4 yards. Timeout by Detroit.

3rd and 6, Blough sacked by Carlos Davis. The Davis brothers teeing off on the depth linemen.


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