Najee Harris Seeking $50,000 For Last TD Ball At Heinz Field: ‘I Could Sell That Ball For Some Change!’

As many of you know by now, Pittsburgh Steelers RB Najee Harris is a fun-loving, goofy personality. Anytime he makes an appearance on a show or speaks to the media, he often cracks a bunch of jokes and makes the conversation light and enjoyable for all who take part in-person as well as those who listen to the recorded version.

That trend didn’t change in Najee’s most recent appearance on the on the All Things Covered podcast with Patrick Peterson & Bryant McFadden, as Harris spoke with McFadden for over a half hour about a bunch of different topics including Harris scoring the final touchdown in Heinz Field against the Cleveland Browns in Week 17.

When McFadden asked Harris about is he kept the football after he scored, Harris acknowledged that he did keep the football after the touchdown run but doesn’t exactly remember where he put it back at home.

“Ya, I do. I got to find out which one was it though,” Harris said on the All Things Covered which also aired on the podcast’s YouTube channel. “Hey man, I got a pretty cool man cave with all the footballs and stuff I got to find out which one is it though. And maybe I could sell that ball for a lot though, huh? Ooh. That’s a good profit right there. I could sell that ball for some change! I could say ‘Look, this is the last Heinz Field touchdown ball’ $50,000 off rip right now.”

So, not only does Najee Harris not know which ball in his man cave is the one that will be remembered as the last touchdown ever scored at Heinz Field, but he also intends to sell that ball if he can bank enough of a profit to help him pay the bills.

So much for being sentimental, I guess.

Some players would have had that ball put up in a glass case shortly after bringing it back to their place to display. You can imagine that numerous Steelers fans would do the same thing if they had the chance to purchase it. Well, according to Najee Harris, it may be one fan’s lucky day if he or she chooses to fork up a good about of change to acquire that football that lies somewhere in his man cave.

It shouldn’t come off as a shock that Harris doesn’t treat that touchdown ball with more significance than the others from all his other great achievements this past season in Pittsburgh or back to his playing days at Alabama or Antioch High School. In high school, college, and his rookie season in the NFL, Harris has amassed 166 total touchdowns, meaning getting into the end zone is something he has come to expect much like Barry Sanders did when he played for the Detroit Lions. Because of this, it’s no surprise that Harris is willing to part with that football should it help him pay the bills, keeping the vibe light in a way that the second-year pro only knows how.

So, if yinz are interested in purchasing the last ball scored at Heinz Field by Najee Harris, you better slip into the man’s DMs now because he is actively taking offers.

“Actually, make sure you put that on your podcast,” Harris continued. “Actually, say Najee is selling his football for $50,000 starting off.”

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