Najee Harris Looking Forward To New Beginnings For Steelers At Acrisure Stadium In 2022

The 2022 offseason has been like no other for the Pittsburgh Steelers, from the retirements of Ben Roethlisberger and Stephon Tuitt, to the money spent in free agency, not to mention the changing of general managers following Kevin Colbert’s retirement and Omar Khan’s elevation.

To top it all off, the black and gold’s home field won’t be called Heinz Field anymore. Instead, it’ll be called Acrisure Stadium for the next 15 years, turning the Steelers’ offseason entirely on its head, creating a sense of unknown and uncertainty for the diehard fanbase.

For Steelers’ second-year running back Najee Harris, who is aiming to take on a leadership role for the black and gold in 2022, the offseason filled with change brings a new opportunity for new beginnings. Appearing on The Rich Eisen Show Wednesday afternoon, Harris spoke glowingly about the opportunity to create new memories at Acrisure Stadium with a new-look roster featuring plenty of young talent to build around for years to come.

“…That’s what I like. Like I said, it’s new beginnings,” Harris said to Eisen Wednesday afternoon, according to audio via The Rich Eisen Show. “We’re building our identity this year; we’re trying to start over. We got a new quarterback, so it’s a lot of changes going around. A lot of guys retired last year that we didn’t expect, so I think this is…just an all out, new beginning of the Pittsburgh Steelers and what we’re about this year.

“So, for me to be a part of it is always a good thing,” Harris added. “And, to create some good memories on that field, if at the Acrisure, I don’t even know how to say the name Acrisure, uh, field, however you say it.”

Don’t worry, Najee. You’re not the only one that isn’t (Acri)sure if they’re saying the new home of the Steelers correctly.

Much like Cameron Heyward though, Harris has a positive outlook on all the changes, including the changing of the stadium name. It is a new beginning for the Steelers, in a sense, as the Colbert and Roethlisberger eras came to a close, opening up new possibilities for the black and gold.

The old saying goes as one door closes, another door opens, and that’s exactly what’s occurring with the Steelers in 2022. They’ll have a new identity without Roethlisberger as the longtime face of the franchise, and they’re seemingly set to play a new style of football, in a sane attempting to return to the way of life before Roethlisberger when the Steelers were a physical team on both sides of the football that ran the ball well, stopped the run, got after the quarterback and forced turnovers, leading to consistent success on the field.

For Harris, it’s a whole new world, one he’s looking forward to in Acrisure Stadium. He was the last one to score a touchdown in Heinz Field, and he might be the first Steeler to score at Acrisure Stadium as well.

“Yeah, that would be dope, because you know, I was the last person to score a touchdown at Heinz, so it would be dope to be the first person to score at Acrisure, but…we’ll see about all that,” Harris stated.

Harris certainly has a positive outlook on things, which is seemingly how the rest of the Steelers see the changes this offseason overall. It’s affecting the fans and the media more than the actual players themselves, which is a great thing overall.

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