Najee Harris Flew To Texas To Meet Mitch Trubisky One Day After He Signed

Speaking with reporters via 93.7 The Fan Tuesday, Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris touched on many subjects. Among them were the team’s quarterbacks. This upcoming 2022 season will mark the first NFL season without Ben Roethlisberger under center since 2004. In a year that’ll mark a transition period at the position, the organization made sure to address it this offseason.

Former first round selection and 2018 Pro Bowler Mitchell Trubisky was signed by the Steelers, the first step following Roethlisberger’s retirement. After a promising start to his career, by 2021, Trubisky found himself as Josh Allen’s backup in Buffalo. Regarding Trubisky, Harris mentioned that he was quick to introduce himself to his new signal-caller.

“When we [signed] Mitch, I actually flew out there the next day, just to meet him and flew back to Texas to train. I just wanted to meet him in person, to see what type of guy he is.”

Harris also stated that he and Trubisky trained together this offseason in Florida, where he got a better idea of how the quarterback goes about his business. Most notably, his training regimen and how he takes care of his body, which Harris credits to Trubisky’s NFL experience,

The other quarterback that the Steelers acquired was Kenny Pickett, the 20th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Having played at Pitt, Pickett is the hometown hero as he commences his professional career.

“For Kenny who just got here, he went to Pitt, he already knows the facility. For the most part, I think he [has] a good understanding of how everybody is in the locker room. He obviously brings a lot to the table, he works hard. [I’m] pretty good with all of them.”

One of Pickett’s advantages coming into the Steelers is his familiarity with the facilities but also his understanding of the locker room, as Harris emphasized. It’ll be interesting to see how training camp plays out. Trubisky is likely the Week 1 starter unless something exceptional happens, but it bodes well that Harris approves of both quarterbacks so far.

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