Bill Cowher Confident Mitch Trubisky Will Succeed In Pittsburgh

If anyone knows a thing or two about an offense undergoing a transitional period to a brand new quarterback, who better than former Steelers’ great Bill Cowher, a Hall Of Fame coach who led the team to their elusive “One For The Thumb” Super Bowl victory over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL in 2005? After a 2003 season in which the team went 6-10, which is actually the last losing season the team has had, they had a pretty high pick in the following 2004 draft. That draft is often mentioned as the best in history when it comes to the QB position, featuring guys like Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and of course, Ben Roethlisberger. Obviously the team got their guy at pick number eleven, and the rest is history.

Now after his retirement, the team will look to replace him, as they signed free agent Mitch Trubisky, the former #2 overall pick of Chicago back in 2017, as well as drafting their own guy in Kenny Pickett, a hometown guy who was a Heisman finalist after leading the Pitt Panthers to an ACC Championship. One thing both of these guys possess is the mobility to make plays outside the pocket. Trubisky ran a 4.67 at the NFL Combine and Pickett a 4.73 and although neither will ever be mistaken for Lamar Jackson or Michael Vick, they do add a mobility aspect to the position that hasn’t been seen in Pittsburgh for some time. However, count Cowher among those who have fond memories of the younger, athletic Roethlisberger.

“I do like Mitch Trubisky,I think in the right system, he’s athletic, he can get on the perimeter,” Cowher said on Movin’ The Chains via SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I think, a lot of things that Ben did early in his career, that he was not doing late in his career, they have that now in that backfield.”

People seem to forget early on in his career, how mobile Roethlisberger was, not only running for gains, but simply moving around in the pocket and extending the play. In fact, it was one of his trademarks and was often compared to playing “backyard” or “playground” football. Now with Trubisky apparently in the driver’s seat for the QB1 spot, at least for now, there is much talk about the athleticism he brings to the table.

Trubisky sat behind MVP candidate Josh Allen last season as the direct backup, and also got to work with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, who’s known in many league circles as a QB whisperer, and parlayed that notoriety into gaining the HC job with the New York Giants. Working behind Allen may have been the best thing to happen to Trubisky’s career, and Cowher was quick to point out that fact, citing he got to work with one of the best in the business and witness firsthand the growth and decision-making of Allen, which led THIS close to the AFC Championship.

“What better place to sit behind a guy than Josh Allen that you’re watching a guy who has the same kind of athleticism. I think he’ll fit well with this offense, he’s a guy that’s very good outside the pocket. Very good on the move, very accurate there. I think coming from the success he came from in Buffalo will serve him well.”

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