‘I’m Really Excited About The Future’ New Steelers’ GM Omar Khan Says Regarding Franchise’s Outlook

The Steelers haven’t won a playoff game in five seasons, despite qualifying for the playoffs three different times since 2016. It’s not exactly something the franchise is used to, at least for the better part of the last two decades with the Hall of Fame quarterback-general manager combination of Ben Roethlisberger and Kevin Colbert driving the franchise.

But with both of them walking out the door, it’ll be up to new general manager Omar Khan to put the franchise back on track. Speaking at his introductory press conference on Friday, he spoke about the current state of the Steelers.

“The trajectory, I’m excited about it,” Khan said. “The 90 guys we have in that locker room right now, I’m really excited about the future and where I think we can go.”

Khan showed plenty of enthusiasm on Friday, as he should after just being put in charge of one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. But as previously mentioned, the meaningful playoff success just hasn’t been there for one reason or another.

Sure, there’s been other times in Steelers’ history, pre-Roethlisberger for example, when the Steelers struggled to even make the tournament. But for the most part, expectations are high, and for a team that’s accustomed to winning consistently, the last five years just isn’t acceptable.

That’s why there will be pressure on Khan immediately to help change the Steelers’ fortunes with the talent on the roster right now. And what better first step is there other than to be positive about it? That was exactly Khan’s approach when asked about the future.

“I’d say it’s exciting really. We have some a great group of people, coach Tomlin has on his staff,” said Khan when asked about facing some of the challenges he will run into immediately. “And, I mentioned the players, and I’m excited about some of the the people we have here and some of the people I’m bringing in. I just think the future’s bright.”

The future certainly could be, especially if Khan can work the Steelers’ personnel anything like how he’s worked the salary cap situation. In all aspects, the franchise probably needed a new look. With all of the changes the Steelers have made this offseason, there’s hope that Khan could be one of, if not the most positive change.

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